Is CD safe????


Lovin it !!! :)
Cambridge Diet has been successfully helping people lose weight for a lot of years.

People often develope gallstones after losing a lot of weight - not necessarily from Cambridge Diet - I personally know 2 people who have had to have surgery for the same problem who have followed Weight Watchers.

The benefits of losing the weight for health reasons have to be a plust & every diet is safe if followed correctly.

Sometimes people may have underlying problems which sometimes weight loss highlights.

I certainly would not be afraid - have a chat with your CDC or even Doctor/Nurse who may be able to offer some more information.


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Hey hun, I read this post a while back and this lady has obviously had a bad experience. I have done it before for 4 months with no issues at at all, and know many other people who have lost far more than me with no problems.

If the diet wasn't safe, it wouldn't be permitted in the UK - it's very strictly regulated, and when you meet with your CDC, they will go through a list of "contraindications" with you to make sure it's safe for you, as an individual, to start the diet.

I know a couple of people who developed gallstones when on the diet and I won't profess to know the science but I remember reading about it at the time and it made sense as to why they develop in some people. It's not usually life endangering, obviously this particular lady had a severe experience. Pancreatitis is often caused by gallstones so the two are directly linked and I suspect that the gallstones went undetected which then led to pancreatitis and the consequent emergency op...

Please don't let this one person's experience put you off, CD is not dangerous if you do it properly and are not contraindicated :)



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I have read about people geting problems with gallbladder and gallstones but as with anything, i think they are rare cases. I know 3 people who have been on cambridge for going on nearly a year and none of them have suffered from anything like that. And being over weight is also seen as life endangering by many people. Personally, i think there is risks with any form of weight loss and there is always going to be a story about someone, somewhere saying its bad and too risky.


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I had gall bladder removed at age 21 (12 yrs ago) and also pancreititus (not pleasant) and nothing to do with CD :) was just very very unlucky

Ive been on CD for 8 months in January with no probs...but then i suppose i wouldnt as i have no gall bladder lol

CD is great ...honestly



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I believe there is a link between any diet that has dramatic weight loss and possible gall stones but being overweight and female is also classed as high risk for the too. Pancreatitis can be a complication of gall stones so I guess the two are interlinked.

From a personal perspective my health has improved greatly since doing CD.



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I read a few posts by the member you're referring to and I agree it makes CD sound pretty scary. But you have to remember that the group of people that CD is most helpful for are probably already at a higher risk of developing gallstones than those people who are of ideal weight for their size. So it appears that CD causes gallstones when in truth, any diet undertaken by very overweight people (especially women, for some reason) is likely to increase the incidence of gall bladder problems.

Here's what the good folks at Cambridge have to say about gallstones. advisory note on gallstones.pdf

Finally, I've never seen any research that thyroid problems can be caused by using very low calorie diets such as Cambridge, so I suspect that that 'birthing' of a thyroid problem was entirely coincidental. :D

On the other hand, I do know that research has been done to make sure that Cambridge Diet products contain enough fat to help reduce the incidence of gall bladder problems.


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Gallstone problems can arise for a number of issues. Firstly merely being overweight puts you at a higher risk. Losing weight quickly puts you at a higher risk. However the Cambridge Diet in itself will not cause them due to the balanced minerals and vitamins that ensure you get everything you need. So losing the amount of weight that you do with this diet can be a cause of gallstones, but it is not very common, at all. Also gallstones are not something that is generally life threatening. The majority of people actually never know they even have them. And if you do they often pass with little problem, more slight discomfort. The cases where it is more serious are not very common, and so the chances of this happening because of the diet are fairly slim.

And to the second part about thyroid issues... there is no proof that diet or specific foods affect hypo or hyperthyroidism. Though there is a some research that suggest that certain deficiencies such as iodine can cause them, however fixing the deficiency fixes the thyroid problem! But again, because it's CD is specially balanced to give you everything you need, that won't happen. A thyroid problem is a physical chemical problem within your body to do with the thyroxine that your thyroid gland produces and TSH which is the chemical your brain produces to tell your thyroid to produce more or less thyroxine. Because of how it is this chemical imbalance, it's not something that is caused by dieting. In fact, as you lose weight it will actually help improve thyroid problems if they exist already, but it won't cause it.

Wow I've just realised how much I ramble, sorry!! I've probably really not explained that very well at all, but I hope it makes some sense! If not let me know and I'll try and explain it better, I'm not always very good at explaining things.


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I had gallbladder problems from being pregnant with my daughter, I don't think it'll put anyone off having kids lol.

It's entirely up to each person to take the 'risk'.

I go out the door every day with the 'risk' I could be hit by a bus. Or generally just drop dead in my tracks (it happens).

As mentioned. This has been running for 25-30 years. And it's recognised within the UK. So much as fact, it's like nearly impossible to buy this anywhere else than a CDC. Ebay try and remove it as soon as it's listed. This is so it's monitored correctly.

Also gallbladder pain is the most painful thing I have ever experienced. You'd know right away if it was and to go to your GP. It put me in hospital 4/5 times when I was pregnant for my daughter.


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Thanks everyone, I feel better now reading your replies. It just sounded scary and can be very off putting for anyone who reads it and can give CD a bad name.
My appointment is next week so i will see you all soon on here.


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Glad people have put your mind at rest. All the best on your CD journey


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Glad to see your going to start! Its the best thing you will ever do :)