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is getting sick of this now,please help!!

The only thing I would suggest is remind yourself of why you are doing this. Is eating something greasy/fatty worth the side effects and the beating yourself up because you gave in?
Don't do it! Fatty leakage at unexpected times on to your best outfit. Yuk, not nice, and definitely not worth the few seconds of pleasure from eating something baaaad!


plodding away
Definately dont do it. I accidently overdid the fat once and never again as not too keen on the side effects.

Must admit I came off xenical for the past week cos was eating out a lot, but faced the damage of 3lbs on when I weighed today. Am pleased to be back eating healthily. The fatty food wasnt as good as I thought it was going to be, so will be sticking with xenical in future.

Dont spoil you good work, it really isnt worth it

Personally, If you can keep up the good work dont cave in.

I gave in over 2 weeks ago and am going through hell to get back on track. Please dont make my mistake!!

Good luck x
When I feel like this (and I DO often)! I try and tell myself that its not a PHYSICAL craving, its all in my head. And I try and silence that craving by having something that should be naughty but is actually quite healthy!

If you fancy something "naughty" to meet your psycological cravings, why dont you make yourself a "naughty-nice" cooked breakfast in the morning?? when i was feeling "naughty" previously i've had scrambled egg (2 egg whites, one whole egg, skimmed milk), quorn sausages, bacon grilled to a crisp and with fat cut off, tinned tomatoes, beans and toast!! VERY yummy and felt naughty but is actually quite nice!!

then in the afternoon you could treat yourself to a Fry's turkish delight bar if its choc you fancy....or a slimfast caramel choc bar - very yummy and i've not had side effects off either!!

or if I wanna be really naughty but still Xenical friendly I have a "healthy-option" chinese / takeaway / meal out.

Chinese choices - boiled rice, prawn and chicken dishes not in thick sauces - so lightly spiced

Takeaway - chicken shish kebab in pitta bread with salad

Eating out - you can treat yourself by eating out in quite alot of restaurants - jacket potato, chicken breast, peas and salad is my fave eating out "naughty and nice" meal!!

hope this helps, but remember - nothing tastes as good as success feels!! xx
just take a minute to think about what your going to do , and think about how you will feel after , is ten minutes of greasy food worth the lonnnggggg guilt trip that follows and the longer time to reach your goals?... in my eyes its not..

usually these cravings will pass .. goodluck xx
thanks guys,my husband made me a health chicken curry,tasted just like the curry shops!x
yay! well done! that's much better!

i honestly believe "tricking" yourself helps! When I have a "i-want-greasy-fat" moment, I try and think whats the healthiest, naughty thing I can have! If you can make it taste like not-healthy stuff that's even better! lol!

For these moments I like to have:
*a cooked brekkie - but done the Slimming World way
*a chicken dinner

*weight watchers wraps filled with chicken, lettuce, tomato, reduced cal/fat sour cream and salsa - taste sooo good you think they must be bad!

*a chicken shish kebab with lettuce, grated carrot, grated red cabbage, tomato and mint sauce (mint and low fat natural yogurt) in a toasted pitta bread - again tastes SO nice you think it must be bad!

*Frozen Mullerlite - you think you're having icecream!

So there's ALOT of choices, I think you can still pretty much have whatever you want - just think how you're cooking it and what unneccessarily cals you're adding to it in terms of oil and sauces.

You're chicken curry sounds gorge too!

i think the most fat we put in it was 3 tablespoons of veg oil,the rest is spices,veg,chicken and rice,ive made a rogan josh today,i subsituted double cream with a lower fat coconut milk,its yummy!!x

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