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Is in Need of SERIOUS Advice

Ok so i am panicking!
I really want to continue LL but i move out at the weekend and money is seriously becoming an issue for me now. So much so that i really cant justify spending £200+ a month on this program.
I want to have a word with my LLC about this but she is a little scary at times and i do feel a little worried to aproach her with my situation.
I need to still lose weight and i dont want to give up totally and i dont want to go it alone either. I want to suggest to her that i want to move onto Slim Fast £10 a week compared to £54 is obviously an advantage. However i dont know how happy she will be with me still wanting to have a pop in once a week to get weighed and buy 7 bars (as i will miss them) not only that i dont know if she will alow me to come off the plan and then once ive reached my goal come back to join a RTM class. I want to see this threw to the end but i honestly just cant afford it anymore. After all i paid my £15 membership surely as long as im not jumping on and off Lite and just want to join up to management that shouldnt be an issue.
I know i need to speak to her but have any of you ever heard of someone doing this?
HELP ME PLEASE :sign0163::lost::sign0009:

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Gosh! Its a hard one to advise on, as I'm going through a similar thing trying to justify the expense of continuing right now. But, weighing up the cost of failing now (not just financially but emotionally too) and having to start again in the future is tricky.

Slim fast has quite a lot of sugar in it, so you probably wont stay in ketosis and will feel hungry.

You could continue in ketosis by eating foods on your Lite list. It depends what your budget for food will be as high protein, salad and veg all add up, so then you might as well do packs to reach goal, do RTM which is 4 weeks on Lite. Then you become a maintenance client for life with LL.

I have been considering switching to Exante, as it works out cheaper than LL, but its only 3 packs per day - we are used to 3 plus a meal or 4 packs on total.

I look at the program as an investment in my health and future and so am finding the idea of not quite finishing really hard. Somehow I also feel I may be more tempted to let it all slide if I dont get to my goal.

Only your LLC will be able to advise on what your options are, they all run their businesses slightly differently. I know ladies who pop in to buy bars and packs, but they have completed the program.
Thanks hannah these are all the things that have been going round my head aswell. Thanks for the tip on the slim fast tho will make me thing about it more.
I agree with everyinh you've said and it is hard as I can't see me being able to litterally afford it anymore. Wether I want to or not. I've asked my llc if I can pop in and have a chat. I hope she Can offer some advice but if money is the only solution I'm stuck between a rock and a hard place as I do really want to get to goal and do rtm. :(
Thanks. I know there are other options to lose the weight but i want to be able to go back to learn how to maintain it. I emailed my LLC yesterday to see if i can have a pop in and explained what it was about and ive not had a reply! She does irritate me sometimes and it makes me glad that i cant continue in a way. I will look into exante tho thanks
Thats what id like to do but im worried my LLC wont like the idea of me joining a different program and then coming back. I cant see why not but she is a funny bugger. Ive looked into Exante and the bumper packs look good. Shame cant pick and chose what you want in the bumper pack tho as im not keen on the soups on LL

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