Is it any good??

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  1. ELAY

    ELAY Well-Known Member

    The Golden Vegetable flavouring... I am craving something savoury and as I detest all the soups, my CDC said that I should give this a go.

    Does anyone else have it and what's the texture like... as one of the main reasons I don't like the soups is the powdery texture.

    Thanks xx
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  3. Lin18

    Lin18 Well-Known Member

    Ive not tried it myself, but you never know unless you try, as with all products on cd we all have different likes and dislikes, give it a go you might love it.
  4. minxie

    minxie One day at a time!

    I've not tried the CD one but people here have recommended Marigold Vegetable Bouillon which you buy in the supermarket gravy section - it's really delicious, like a clear soup. I love it and have mug of it most days late afternoon - it keeps me going until dinner time. Also it costs a lot less than the CD one. HTH:)
  5. kernowmum

    kernowmum Well-Known Member

    I like the mushroom one I don't find it powdery... don't like the others much. I use the bullion powder to add to my quorn - never thought of having it as a drink will have to try it now.
  6. imagisal

    imagisal Well-Known Member

    I like the CD's just a veg bouillon powder but like you say when in the mood for something savory it's pretty good. It is expensive though (£6)and i am now on the Marigold Bouillon (£1.70). Hope you like it.
  7. ELAY

    ELAY Well-Known Member

    Well I've got some today off my CDC and I LOVE IT!!!! It's exactly what I needed and tastes yummy, million times nicer than the soups albeit very expensive at £6.70...

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