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Is it due to cd??


Must do it this time
i just have a quick question for people in the know.
i am a regular member in the gym and do alot of toning classes and treadmill and the like,but my problem is that after each class i do i feel like its my 1st one in months,especially on my legs.they are so sore at the moment that i cant sit down in one go i have to do it in stages,so i was just wondering if it was anything to do with cd??
sorry if this is a stupid question,
elaine x
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I can only think that you are not doing enough stretches afterwards to cool down. Do you do the leg stretches? And hold them for about 18 seconds each? Don't think it is CD, although they don't really reccomend strenuous exercise on this diet.


Must do it this time
hey frances,
yeah we do all the warm up and cool down exercises and i still ache.normally id have well gotten used to all the exercise by now,but it just doesnt seem to be happening,
thanks for the reply,
elaine x
It must be CD then. I find that doing extra stretches helps me not feel so stiff the next day after I do a big walk. It does get better over time I've noticed. I don't know for sure but I always think better to exercise than not.


Fab & Fit For Florida
i'm always absolutely screwed when i do exercise whilst on cd xx

I'm no expert but I would say you are getting DOMS, delayed onset muscle soreness. Which mean you are working hard!! So it's actually a good thing. That's the only logical thing I can think of hun. I know your supposed to take the exersise easy whilst on CD but that wouldnt make your legs sore and I guess you would be extra tired and weak if you were going crazy. Even though I am a big girl (size 18) I have always been into keeping fit etc....I would work out with cardio and weights and when ever I pushed myself the next day I would really feel it. One day like you even sitting down for the toilet was hard. Take it easy on your next workout then see how you feel. Ask someone at the gym too. Hope that helps xx

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