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Is It Harder To Lose Weight After A Hysterectomy?


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A few of the ladies I am friendly with on this forum know I had cervical cancer which resulted in a hysterectomy in January 2007.

My question is - have you had a hysterectomy, or do you know anyone who has had a hysterectomy who finds it more difficult to lose weight?

I think it is harder to lose weight anyway the older we get (I am 43 now) and this, maybe together with my hysterectomy makes it more difficult for me to lose? I don't know.

I am just finding this diet very difficult. Not in the fact that I cannot do it, the fact that I am losing weight at such a slow rate. Yes, I have nibbled here and there, but not so much as to not lose as much as maybe I should.

Am I clutching at straws here?:cry:
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I looked at your losses and week 1-4 you lost 15lbs which is the average per month; maybe the reason it is slowing down could be down to the fact you're so close to goal. You also don't have as much to lose, so that could be a factor.


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Hey Mia,
I am sorry I can be of know help to you hon as I really dont know the answer, but I just wanted to say Im sorry to hear that you had that. Perhaps it is as you dont have so much to lose also hon that it is slower.. You are getting there and you will feel fab for your hols x


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Hi Mia,

Firstly I want to say how sorry I am that you've had Cervical Cancer. My Nan had it when she was younger and had to have a Hysterectomy.

Secondly... you have done brilliantly, your losses have been good and consistent. 2 1/2 stone and 17.5 inches is absolutely brilliant! If I do as well as you have then I will be thrilled. How does the saying go... "slow and steady wins the race"?


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I lost twins three years ago due to a massive fibroid imbedded in my pelvis that resulted in having to have a hysterectomy. I have found that my losses are pretty much the average with about a stone a month. The only time it slows for me is if I don't drink enough water or if I cheat( which I have been known to do big time lol) but I stick with it the best I can and am realistic with myself. I am nearly 45 but know that I can do this. Good luck hon, you can do it to and are so near to goal now xx


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The age thing definitely plays a part, something to do with losing lean muscle mass as we get older. As for the hysterectomy, I'm not sure. Are you on any kind of hormone replacement therapy? Because if you are, then it probably is a bit harder to lose weight, in the same way that being on the contraceptive pill can slow you down a tad.

I guess you can at least reassure yourself that if your age and having had the hysterectomy are slowing down the rate of weight loss, it would've taken absolutely ages to lose the weight you've lost on a more conventional calorie controlled diet. :)
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Hi Mia, I have a friend doing CD and she is about 10 years younger than me and she has lost her weight very very slowly from the beginning as in around 1lb a week and the occasional 2lb.... She hasn't had a hysterectomy or anything, she is not sure why she has lost it so slowly but she did persevere and got there in the end, although she had to up the plans at one stage as her hair was falling out. I am not sure age has anything to do with it, I am 45 and have lost the average stone a month I think although I have really struggled to do it, and I have stayed 100% apart from the odd planned meal out....


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Maybe take a look at the link below, scroll to page 46.

Fit not fat at 40-plus: the shape-up ... - Google Books

Hope this helps. Personally, i do not think your losses are so slow. they will naturally slow down the closer you get to goal. It happens to most. You really may just need a full week of 810 to give yourself a metab boost.

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