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Is it harder to start over again?


Slimming for my children
I am going away with my other half for his birthday on 8th October for his birthday and I plan to half stick to diet by eating meals and drinking shakes in morning as it will be hard to as we are going to be out and about alot.and plus i want to have a romantic meal with my boyf which i miss doing and having a glass of wine etc.
But what i am worried about is getting back on the wagon afterwards?
How do you get into the frame of mind?
I am on day 24 of absintance and have stuck to it religiously and to be honest am a bit scared of having food and also another weird thing. I am scared of trying on old clothes that are a size smaller?
Anyone else have this problem??
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Hi FNM, I will have the same problem as you as we are going away for that weekend, 6, 7 8 Oct!, I am close to starting management however, I have now the discipline to still abstain if LLC not think management by then.

You are still only just over 3 weeks from starting, and as you have probably read from other posters, it is not a good idea to have food as it will be doubly hard to abstain afterwards.

But good luck whatever you decide to do x
Not sure if this is unfair or not, but...

"I promise that I will, within my power and knowledge look after myself, put myself first when needed."

That is the first sentence you wrote in your letter to yourself on your blog. Is eating on that weekend away looking after yourself?

I know how hard this is and social occasions are so difficult. But if you can avoid breaking abstinence, do it.

I am one of those who has and I have struggled ever since. I have continued to lose weight but s-l-o-w-l-y. I have put on a few times.

I really truly know what you are going through. But if you stick with abstinence the diet will be easier and quicker.

On Saturday I went to a Chinese restaurant with my partner's family and they drank bottles of wine and ate loads of very yummy looking food. I drank glass after glass of water and ate my bar during the main course. They noticed, of course, but it didn't affect them. I won't pretend that I didn't feel a bit deprived. But i got through. You can too!


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i was the same with trying on old clothes that are a size smaller, but due to desperation last friday night (cos i had to get ready very quickly and all my recent clothes are too big) i tried on my old fcuk jeans (size 14) and they fit perfect!!


Slimming for my children
the thing is unless i have 4 bars day i wont be able to stick to it as i will be in a hotel room with my shaker which i cant use as i hae actually been sick with the floaty bits so its a no go.
I will try my hardest but i think i will struggle.
You are sorted if you are staying in a hotel. Take your hand blender with you (do you use one?). If you don't, buy one. I use a Braun with a detachable end that you can easily wash after every use in the hotel bathroom. It froths up the shakes really well. I always take mine with me.

You know you are only allowed one bar a day, don't you?

I have to say that it sounds to me like you are looking for an excuse not to continue. The thing is - if you want to stop LL, stop it. If you want to have the weekend off, have the weekend off. You don't have to apologise to anyone on here. The diet is pretty hardcore and not for everyone but there is usually a way to make it work if you really want it to.


Slimming for my children
to be honest i probably am trying to think of a way to eat. BUt its cos i just miss sitting in a romantic restuarant and eating with my boyf. I miss us chatting over dinner. and i want that again.
Plus its his birthday and i really want to be able to have a good time and i know i will be grotty if i sit in our fav restaurant sipping water.
thers no way i am stopping lighter life full stop but i think i want to break it just for that one meal so i can feel "normal" again! lol

I think you have to get into your head that there are more ways to be romantic and spend time with your boyfriend. When you have finished your diet you can sit and have as many romantic meals as you want. It just seems to me you are looking for excuses to eat.

Have a read of my message i posted this morning. I gave in and ate last night, not a lot but i have been up half the night with heartburn. Today I am feeling rough and have constantly running to the loo with a upset tum. Sorry cant spell the d word. Not very romantic. If your boyfriend loves you as much as you obvioulsy love him then he wouldnt want to go to a resturant. A lovely moon lite walk and back for a snuggle in bed with a hot chocolate drink, made from a chocolate shake is fab.
I'd stick to the diet if it were me, it is a lot harder to start again once you've eaten. You can still have romantic meals with your boyfriend, you don't have to eat to sit at a table with him - just sit and chat with a nice glass of iced water --- I'm off to Riga in 4 weeks and that's what I'm planning on doing.

Also if you're in a hotel you'll likely have a kettle in your room to make your soups and you can pick up a hand blender for a fiver in Asda/Tesco to make a great shake.

Good luck with whatever you decide.
TBH its a bad idea and if you give in now you will often come up with excuses to break abstinance again. Yes you may miss nights out with your bf for a meal but it will happen again when you are at your ideal weight.
You can easily take your hand blender to the hotel , i have done it and it is no problem at all.

So far i am on week 13 and i have not cheated at all andi have been through my OH's birthday, a car crash, a 2 week holiday to NZ. I am going for another 14 week abstinance and i will have my 30th birthday, christmas, new year and my wedding anniversary within that time.
Being harsh but dont make excuses for yourself, it is only you that you are cheating.



has started again!!
I broke abstinence for my holiday and it has been bloomin awful getting back into the "zone". I am on the pointof giving up, because I feel I have failed totally and its just not worth it.

Please please think very hard before you break the diet. As many have said the first time is the "golden time" and it will never ever be as easy as this time, trust me. This is the voice of weary and sad experience.
Dear FNM

Someone in my Management group (when we are allowed to eat!) said that however good the feeling is of eating something that is off limits, that relatively short time of enjoyment is NOTHING compared with the mental agony that follows. And I absolutely agree 100%.

LighterLife is hardcore, no two ways about it. Opinion is very divided about abstinence (do you break it or don't you?) but I don't know anyone who hasn't regretted breaking it. At some point.

Sandra is right; you have to make the programme work for you - I was not abstinent throughout Foundation or Development and all I can say is that it really screwed with my thinking and with my weight loss.

Holidays are tough but if you go prepared, they are a lot easier. If the meal is that special, why not save it up for when you are eating again? Won't it be even more special by then?

I wish you luck in your decision; my only advice is think about the consequences and how you will feel afterwards.

Take care.

Mrs Lxxx

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