Is it me or does EE just mantain weight?


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ive been doing this diet for 3 weeks now. i gained the 1st week, lost 5 lbs the next water rentension?) and now ive stayed the same and i think.... hmm is this not working for me? i only have 25lbs to lose so im wondering if its not a good idea. Does this happen to anyone else help! FRUSTRATED
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Why do you think the 5lb was water retention?! Extra easy definitely works if you're following the plan properly! Lots of people have lost tons of weight on it and I've lost 21lb so far mainly doing EE! I had a slow first 3 weeks but have faith, it will pay off!!X


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S: 12st3lb C: 11st10lb G: 10st0lb Loss: 0st7lb(4.09%)
wel i duno i think when i was first weighed i was being visted from "aunt flo" and you always lose a few pounds first time....always a pesimistic :(


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I think you need to give the plan at least a month before making any judgements as to its success. And 5lb is a lot to lose in one week so it may be that your body is just catching up with itself. This is the way my weight came off - big(ish) weight one week, sts the next. Once I recognised and accepted this then it wasn't probem when I sts as I knew I had followed the plan 100% and that it would come off the next week.


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Well I lost 1.5lb first week and had been so good and other newbies around me were losing 4, 5, 6 and even 7 so I was deflated! I thought maybe the following week I'd have had a brilliant one and I lost just 1lb! But I was reassured by people that it would show and now I've been SOW 3 times since! In the 3 months I've been at it I've always stuck to it (give or take a few naughty days, especially over Christmas) and stayed positive that my efforts will pay off, and they are! So will yours! Please see it as a long term thing and not a quick fix! X


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I still lose just as much on EE as I did when it was plain old green and red.

Why do you think 6lb in 3 weeks is a failure?!? Average it out and that 2lb a week and perfectly exceptable and pretty darn good!! My consultant told me to look at it over the lost 3 or 4 weeks and average it out if your disapointmed qnd usually is much better than you think. At your 2lb a week average you could have your goal within 3 months!!

Hang in there - don't give up yet!


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it works in 26 weeks i have put on 1 (xmas week) sts twice had a few .5 loses but it def works and i love it:)


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I see a lot of posts where it is said that extra easy doesnt work for them and that they gain or stay the same.

Extra Easy works and should work for everyone (unless you have a medical condition etc where the plan is not suited for you).

Slimming World would not push forward the Extra Easy plan if it didnt work and they wouldnt make much money either, as everyone would be quiting and go on to other diets. A lot of research has been done for it, speaking to nutritionists etc.

If it isn't working for a particular member, then your consultant should be looking at your weekly meal planner, to see what the problem might be. It could be a very simple thing that you are doing wrong, which once adjusted should see the weight coming off.

You lost 5lbs which in my eyes is a brilliant weight loss. I would be reluctant to assume this is water rentention.

Keep at it, it does work.


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I personally don't follow EE as I much prefer the red/green days. It's not that I don't think EE works, I know from people's results it does. But for me I felt way too full and bloated on the plan, and my losses were small when I did it. BUT I did it for 2 weeks and it was when my losses were slower anyway (when I was bad with IBS a few months ago). I followed the plan as it said in the book, but there is a chance I wasn't doing it right too.

I plan to do EE when I get to T as it is more flexible.

If you're worried speak to your C - but don't give up! It does work but it might be that you prefer the red/green plan to EE...stick at it sweetie - SW works and is well worth the effort xxx


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When I follow the plan properly, eat plenty of fruit and veg and stick to my syns, I always lose. The plan does work and I am very happy to lose 1-2lbs per week and I know this is a plan I can do for life.

5lbs in 3 weeks is great! Are you enjoying the food? Do you feel like you are on a diet? If you're enjoying it and feel like you could happily do this for life, then I say keep going and the lbs will keep coming off!

Make sure you are eating plenty of fruit & veg & enjoy your 5-15 syns. It is healthy eating and a good, steady 4 - 8lbs per month is perfect :D


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With EE it's very easy to be filling your plate with carbs and protein and concentrate less on the free food. Sticking to the "third of your plate" rule is the key. I've been on EE since I started, felt too restricted on red/green. Keep the faith! xx