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is it normal or am i weird?


Says it as it is!!!
Pretty normal hun...well for me too unless we are both wierd ...i often lock my self in the bedroom ( so the kids cant see) and have a sob


fightin the fat !
im tellin u guys its the drop in serotonin levels.. its just side effects..xx


Ancient Egypt Nut!
hey... all i seem to be doing just now is crying (its not totm) does anyone else get this or and i just being a whinge.... think my bf is cracking up with me!

Hi hun :D

I think I can safely say that most of us feel like this sometimes, so NO, you are not cracking up!!:eek:;)

Just be kind to yourself, anything to do with losing weight and changing your life can shake up all your emotions sometimes.

Glad you felt you could come on here and post about it.

Love and best wishes

Lacey..x :D


Eloquent hooligan
Sounds like normal female behaviour to me babe... don't sweat it :) xxx


Full Member
the otha day i cried because my bf wouldnt clean up somat he spilt straight away,i was rantin and cryin non stop thought it was just me!!


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Sounds like normal female behaviour to me babe... don't sweat it :) xxx
Ahhhh will you listen to you!!! You probably have a good old sob yourself every night!!!!!! LOL!

Pinkstarz - I think it is completely understandable......Mind you I get close to tears when I see others stuffing their faces!!!!! I just feel sooooo deprived!:eek:
Yeah I get days like that. I think its withdrawal symptoms coming off chocolate and crap lol! xxx

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