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Is it normal to feel so tired and rough?

Hi all...
have been doing SW for nearly 2 weeks...but i feel sooooooooo tired and rough. I just wonderd if this is normal and if so how long before i start feeling benefits from eating healthy? I felt fine before starting but ever since have had headaches and fatigue...feel really listless and craving sugar way more than before i started. Its really starting to make me think its just not worth it if i feel so rough. I have tried it before a few years ago but felt just as bad then and didnt even make it through a week:cry:

Thanks :) x:)
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Sorry you are feeling so rough. I have personally found the opposite and feel better on SW, but I have seen several threads on here from people who have had headaches as a reaction to increasing their sweetener intake. I wonder if it would be worth giving them a miss or changing to a different type? Also, if you are taking in more fibre with the changes in your food, have you upped your fluid intake as well? Increased fibre without the liquid to help your body ...er... process it(!) can make you feel sluggish.

Apart from that there are several Autumn bugs doing the rounds, perhaps you have picked up one of them. If it doesn't improve, then perhaps consider seeing your doctor?

Hope you feel better soon.
If you want you can tell us what you usually eat in a day, then we might be able to give you some suggestions on how to keep your energy levels up throughout the day :)


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When I first started SW back in May, the first couple of weeks I found I was the same, completely exhausted and just generally feeling horrid. I put it down to my body going into shock over the huge change in the way I was eating.

I persevered with it and after about 3-4 weeks found I was feeling better than I had before starting! Sleeping better, more energy, etc.
Welcome to the hell that is sugar withdrawal! Don't worry, your body will soon get used to the new regime and you'll start to feel more normal. In the meantime make sure you are eating a good, varied diet with lots of superfree and drinking lots of water.
I remember when I first joined I felt the same - I remember being at work complaining to my collegues that "I thought eating this healty cr*p was supposed to make you feel better!"

That feeling lasted for me about two weeks, I now have more energy than ever and can't believe how bouncy I feel!

As others have said above - the most likely reason is sugar and your body needs time to adjust. My advice would be to cram some sugary speed foods like melon & raspberries and you will soon feel better than ever
Best of luck trying to stick it out - it's worth it! x
i'm sorta going through this too. i'm in my 3rd week and whilst in the mornings i sometimes feel more alert...the past few days i've felt really sluggish,esp when i come home from work too...i dunno weather maybe the darker mornings though and darker evenings are doing this too. i'd say my sugar levels have drammatically dropped since starting SW so it's only natural for the body to react. i'm still doing the same things i did before but with less sugar so at times i think the body just takes a while to get used to it. i would say perserve though because i've done this before and when you stick it out...you will feel better and be healthier for it :)
Blimey, I must have been really lucky to have felt better almost straight away. I remember feeling like crap though when I started the Atkins diet a few years ago, from the carb withdrawal.
I always feel weird the first week of healthy eating. The guys above are right. It's sugar withdrawal/detoxification. It won't last if you persevere.

For me personally, I discovered sweeteners make me feel like I'm dying, so I scrapped them and felt fine ever since
Same as. I would rather syn sugar is I need to(not that I do need to most of the time) or eat natural sugars from fruit rather than eat sweeteners
I found this at first! I found that either using my syns for a sweet fix (generally, for me an options hot chocolate did the trick, and I could have more than one throughout the day at only 2 syns)was a good way around it, or sugary fruits, like banana and pineapple.

It's honestly worth perservering, because you eventually will start to feel the benefits. I actually feel rubbish now if I come off plan for more than a few days! Best of luck with it all!
It could be caffine withdrawal, as I suffered from it after giving up my coffee after joining SW x
Why on earth would you do that to yourself?????? I still drink a couple of coffee's in the morning and I'm 9 months in. I have given up all sorts of things in my bid to be helathy, but I will NEVER EVER EVER give up coffee!
kingleds said:
Why on earth would you do that to yourself?????? I still drink a couple of coffee's in the morning and I'm 9 months in. I have given up all sorts of things in my bid to be helathy, but I will NEVER EVER EVER give up coffee!
It was just so hard to drink my 8 glasses of water without having additional fluids x

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