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Is it Normal to still get hunger pains on day 7

Hi, well the title says it all doesn't it lol, is it normal to still be hungry on day 7. I still get hunger pains in the morning not as bad, and in the afternoon about 2pm till 4pm, I am drinking well over the recommended amount of water. Just wondered whether thats normal 1 wk into the diet and will it go ? :eek:

I hope it does lol
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Hi there

I am on day three today but I have done this diet before. The hunger goes once you are in ketosis. You should be there by now. Maybe you are in deep ketosis which happened to me a few times and made feel really hungry anxious and jittery. Call your chemist and let them know how you feel. They are there to help and it's best you let them know if you are experiencing anything out of the ordinary. If you don't want to call you can buy ketosticks which measure ketones in pee. Until you know the cause of the hunger pangs stay strong and 100% on the diet cos it will pass really soon and the weight loss you are going to achieve on LT is so worth the discomfort. My 10 cents is "Call your chemist".

Thanks hun, I got weighed yesterday I did tell the lady and she asked what job I did, i said I work with under 2's, she thinks its because i am running around all day after them, and I am burning it off really quick, maybe i should up my water intake I think I drink just over the 2 litres, I gonna go for 3 litres every day, maybe that will help, to be honest i drink water but am finding it hard to drink anymore than 2 littres. Dam shame we cant put cordial in with it i would have no probs drinking it lol. Thanks for your support it means alot when people take the time to respond XxX


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just done a month now and still get hunger pangs on days, but not too bad. i just have a pint of water and it does go away.
i just ignore it when my stomach is growling.


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Urg, I get hungry with this all the time, I find a cup of black coffee normally helps. You are doing great :)
yep I'm hungry too. it's day 20 and had ketone readings of 4.9 on day 8 and 4.1 on day 12 which I think is high. but water helps! keep the strong will and you will b fine!!
I too find a cup of black coffee helps me. When I did the Cambridge diet a few years ago, after getting through the first week I always found myself hungry every few days between 4pm and 7pm. I'd get home from work and have my last shake and plenty of water and I'd feel ok afterwards. Maybe try drinking a bit more water each time and see how you feel. x


Hi... day 48 yesterday and i was starvin.....!!!! reckon it just comes and goes... some days i barely remember im doin this and never think of food... and other days im thinking of food and have cravings..... as we speak my tummy is growling!!!! but on the whole i feel great and comfortable most days.... i find i get hungry/cravings/tummy growls on the days i dont have enuf water.... keep drinkin the water it's a life saviour........ x

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