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is it normal to sts within the first few weeks?


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Stick to the plan and you will definitely lose weight! You may STS some weeks, but look at your progress over time! Try not to be too disheartened, you've got to see it as a long term thing!X


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i dont know, i thought because i only have like a couple of stone it mite not work :(


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Everyone's bodies are different and sometimes you will STS even though sticking to the plan. Your * week can have an effect, it might be an idea to make a note of it to see if * week or WI weeks close to it result in STS or gains.

Keep up the hard work - you'll probably have a good loss next week!


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i was reading up on the diet i am on. one of the girls is sts for 3 weeks a month, then suddely loses between 7-12 lb one week. then the cycle starts again


Never gets tired of SW!
You probably won't have the same kind of losses as someone who wants to lose 10 stone could when first starting SW, but you can still get to goal if you stick to the plan! Just look at the people on here who have lost a stone or 2 successfully! X


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sometimes you will sts, this happens with everyone occasionally, it shouldn't make a difference how much you have to lose. The Slimming World diet WORKS!!.

All I can suggest is to take you weekly meal planner to your meeting, so that it can be looked at by your consultant incase there is something you are doing slightly off plan.

I expect you will not need to though, one week of STS does not mean it will be the case every week. You did very well to lose 5lbs already.


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Unfortunately, our bodies havent read the book and don't know that they're expected to lose weight every 7 days!!!!! There's loads of positive changes going on in your body as you alter your eating habits and weight will always come off unevenly. Just keep at it, stay relaxed and enjoy your yummy food and it'll happen for you - promise! xxxx


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When I rejoined SW this time, I lost 4 pounds the first week then STS for 2 weeks so it does happen. The following week I had a 3.5 pound loss.
Just stick to the plan and you will lose!
Good luck.

hayley morgan

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i stayed the same for 3 weeks in a row and was about to leave slimming world because i thought i was wasting my money lol consultant had a look at my food diary and she said i was doing really well with everything cept i was going slightly over on my syns. ive stuck to roughly between 8 and 12 ever since and ive had losses every week cept when ive been a bit naughty. maybe get someone to have a look at your food diary maybe theres something your missing. xx