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Is it right to feel..

LOL i was so scared at the weigh in after i'd been doing it for a week, i was convinced i hadn't lost because i'd enjoyed the food so much...i dropped 4lbs! :D

Have faith, it works. These weigh ins roll around so fast you will have your first award in no time!


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I'm the same, I was below syns yesterday, ate lots of free foods but felt like I'd been naughty and felt a bit crap. I think it's just a mindset isn't it, diet=starvation.
Im doing it all from home, but bought electric scales today so i could get an accurate reading!!!! Glad im just being silly, need to get off my bum and exercise though!!!!
I totally agree, I am new to the diet and feel the same. I have never eaten so well!!
But when I think about it, I probably ate less before but it was all high fat, high sugar and high calorie rubbish!
I am on day 8 now and feel so much fresher and my head feels clearer if that makes sense.
All my previous diets have been ones which have left me hungry and I thought that was the only way to lose weight. The reality was that I would get to the point where I couldn't cope anymore and would end up having a massive binge!!
SW is great, good luck with your first weigh in.
It is hard to take in at first but you soon get used to it. The funny thing for me was at work, a girl i worked with did ww and everytime i bought a big healthy syn free lunch in she'd be lik omg that is loads of points etc. I'd be like nahhh its syn free on sw then later I will use my syns on treats :D
Deffo think its all a mindset. I have put up pics on my FB of what im eating and people are like "your never going to lose weight if you eat that" which doesnt help!!

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