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Is it weird I don't feel/think I look thinner?...

I'm currently in my 4th week of LL.
My losses have been very inconsistent so far...

Wk 1 - 7lbs off (one of lowest in class!! :(..but still half a stone...:sigh:)

Wk 2 - 2lbs off :mad: Was gutted having stuck to the diet RELIGIOUSLY and upped my water to 5-6ltrs a day!!

Wk 3 - 10.5lbs off ..BUT WAIT..I had tonsilitus so I had a couple of days on only 2-3 packs from the Friday (Thurs night weigh in) til the Monday then from Tuesday to the Thursday I ate nothing at all and hardly managed 1ltr of water a day nevermind 4!!! My LLC said she'd never come across this before so didn't have a clue what way it would go..when I stepped on the scales we were both surprised that I was 10.5lbs lighter!!

Now I've got Wk 4 weigh in on Thursday and I know it's going to be NOTHING like what it was last week as I'm better and back on the packs...and I've always been a slow loser as you can see from first 2 weeks...

But I'm thinking..I've lost 19.5lbs so far so that's nearly a stone and a half in 3 weeks and yet I don't feel that I look any thinner at all!! I still look in the mirror and see the same figure I saw 4 weeks ago!!! Anyone else find this??? Surely 1.5 stones lighter I'd see some difference. People keep saying 'Oh yeah you can see it in your face' and I think to myself a stone and a half from my face?!?!!....

I know the weight has come off as obviously I've seen the proof on the scales (even tho' I know I'll be disappointed on Thurs when it goes back to a measly couple of pounds and I feel am getting nowhere fast)..but I don't see a difference in how I look. My clothes feel the same on me.

:confused: :)
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hi Scotsnat,

I don't know how heavy you are but obviously a stone and a half would show more on some builds than others. What I found with my weight loss is that suddenly everyone would notice. I rarely did, to be honest, but some days I'd have maybe 10 compliments.

Stick with it, it's gone so it must have gone from somewhere, and it will start to show and people will start to notice...


Hopeful for the future
As Maintainer said the 19 lbs have gone from somewhere so don't worry too much about people noticing. When your clothes start falling off you, you will have more proof too.
I don't know how much you weigh or how long you have been overweight, but I am in week 7 and none of my friends, colleagues or family have noticed my 2 stone loss yet. But I feel confident that when I start to buy size 18s instead of a 24/26, I'll definitely get noticed then. I think all those who know me well are used to seeing me fat and expect me to be that way. Also I've been a yo-yo dieter over the years so what's 2 stone when they've seen me 2-3 stone lighter at various stages over the past years.
This is the first time in my life that I believe I can get to a normal weight and that's what keeps me going. The longer no one notices, I reckon the bigger the impact will be when I get nearer my goal.
So keep your eye on your goal and revel in feeling less of yourself and loosening clothes. If you think of a pound off each area of your body it could easily add up to 19, so when you get measured next, you'll have a nice surprise.
Good luck
Hey scotsnat
Try not to get to down about this. Your *total* losses are fantastic. It's week 4 and you're probably pretty obsessed with what you are doing (aren't we all?!), but I think for most of Foundation I was totally obsessed - every minute of every day was just consumed with what I was doing. Therefore you are naturally going to be hypersensitive just now. I'm on week 19 now and the last few weeks have been slow for me, but I've finally stopped obsessing! My inch loss quota is amazing just now - I've finally hired a trainer! I love him, even though he's clearly sadistic and is trying to kill me :D

7lb in week 1 is not a slow loss by any stretch, and a week 2 loss of 2lb is just your body adjusting. So please do not label yourself as a slow loser. I really don't think you are at all.
Not sure what the other mini's think but I'm pretty certain that living on 500cals a day and missing a few packs for a couple of days really can't effect your losses that much. What I mean is, I'm sure your 10lb loss was pretty normal and not solely down to skipping a few packs. Definitely try to avoid thinking 'ooh, if I skip a pack I'll lose more' I'm certain you won't, afterall the packs are nothing more than 500cals worth of nutrition. Bit like drinking vitamins!

I honestly think you're doing brilliantly. I've lost over 5 and a half stone and have another 3ish to go. You will find I'm sure that you will suddenly cross over into a certain weight range and suddenly everyone will notice - you included. Then some days you'll feel like Kate Moss and noone will say a thing! It's such a rollercoaster ride around the week 4 stage I think. But please try to stay calm - you haven't had enough weeks to look at what sort of pattern your losses will take on. Some people just don't have any patterns at all. One of my group who was the slowest loser week in week out is now dropping at least double what everyone else is! I on the other hand was first off the blocks and am now the group donkey! It's really slowed down for me. But that's ok. I know that I'm not doing anything differently and this last 3 stone has to go at some point!

Keep going, and don't get too caught up in the numbers, they always *always* even themselves out - you're doing really well :D
Thanks TigerGirl...that post was an amazing boost for me! :)
5 and a half stone in 19 weeks is fantastic!!!! :eek:
I've got about another 5 stone to shift and I want to do everything I can to get that weight off...I want to lose the weight by end of November if I can so as you can imagine, even tho' they say it's 'roughly' a stone a month, it's quite tight so am always looking for tips on how to maximise my results..I know everyone is different tho'.
I'm 5' 6.5 and I'd like to get down to 11 stone (bang on 16 at the moment)...so right now feeling more Dumbo's mother than Kate Moss!!! :sigh:
Hello Scotsnat:D

Your post really tickled me(as I know how you feel and I know what'll happen;)) well done on the brilliant loss of 19.5lbs in 3 weeks that is fantastic:D

I've lost just over 3 stone in 12 weeks and I didn't feel/see any change until last week...now I know I've still got 7 to lose but I expected to feel a lil different at minus 3 stone:( Although its true to say I knew I was losing and my clothes were literally falling off me...I still didn't feel or more importantly see it:mad: then last week I popped over the fence to my mums(yeah nightmare we live next door to each other ha ha) I caught a glimpse of my reflection in her bay window and I was nearly flawed:eek:

I didn't think wow different person or anything tbh it was how easy it was to scale the fence that first grabbed my attention ha ha but I looked at my reflection again and though omg it really is coming off....my ar5e is getting smaller and the top half of me actually looks relatively normal:eek:

It will probably only be a slight glimpse when you're not expecting it but it will happen for you and the elation when it does will really put a spring in your step and spur you on:D

i hope it happens to you soon....just don't be hard on yourself and look for it all the time because when you notice the surprise element in itself will boost your confidence;)

Best of luck
It takes us all duffent times and circumstances to notice the weight loss whether that's a few pounds or many stones.

Sometimes I can't see the loss despite being in smaller size clothes .... Our heads need to catch up, but they will


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