is M&S open on Boxing day?


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does anyone know, asi have some vouchers id like to spend if theyre open tomorrow

Just wondering myself, my daughter wants to go into town to change a Playstation game at Game, wasn't sure if they'd be open or not. Probably not, if Marksies aren't open. Think I'll stay home & veg for one more day:rolleyes:
M&S used to be reknowned for only opening when they really had to. Never used to opened on bank holidays.

They are getting a little more relaxed now, but we used to always drive past M&S to see whether it was worth parking.

If M&S was open, we knew everywhere else would be.

Anyway, some M&S stores are opened today....list below. Mainly outlets and their Simply food shops (whatever they are!)

Open today
1. Ashford Outlet
2. Birch West Services Simply Food
3. Boundary Mills Outlet
4. Braintree Outlet
5. Bridgend Outlet
6. Castleford Outlet
7. Chatham Outlet
8. Cherwell Valley Simply Food
9. Cheshire Oaks Outlet
10. Dalton Park Outlet
11. Doncaster Outlet
12. Donnington Services Simply Food
13. East Reading Simply Food
14. Exeter Services Simply Food
15. Gretna Green Outlet
16. Gunwharf Quays Outlet
17. Hatfield Galleria Outlet
18. Heathrow Airport Simply Food
19. Junction One (Ballymena) Outlet
20. Knutsford Services Simply Food
21. Leigh Delamere - East
22. Leigh Delamere - West
23. Livingston Outlet
24. Lowry Centre Outlet
25. Luton Airport Simply Food
26. Mansfield Outlet
27. North Stafford Services Simply Food
28. Royal Quays Outlet
29. Southwaite South Services Simply Food
30. Springfields Outlet
31. Street Outlet
32. Swindon Outlet
33. Tamworth Services Simply Food
34. Toddington North Simply Food
35. Toddington South Simply Food
36. Walsall Outlet
37. West Reading Simply Food
38. York Outlet
Their sale started Christmas day though.

Mrs Brad and I managed to bag a half price suit a piece.