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Is now the time to start

I have previously done Lipotrim but came off it for holiday. Since then, I have not been able to get back into it. A friend suggested that I try CD as you have more choice, but with Christmas around the corner, I dont know if this is the best time -
I already have a 3 course meal booked for next Thursday and another on the 20th (they have been pre booked / paid as it is family meeting up)
I am so confused and dont know what to do - please help...
by the way - I am looking to do SS with 2 stones to shift
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Might be worth thinking about preparing your body for starting CD in January, by cutting down the carbs and upping you water intake.
I really believe there is no time like the present. If you put it off until after Christmas you might find you relax a lot and put weight on. Better to at least attempt it and if you fall off the wagon once or twice, at least you won't have gained? Maybe try one of the higher plans like CD 1000 or SS+ until Christmas to get you in the right frame of mind?


Trying to stay healthy!
yeah, i agree, there are lots of dieting days between now and Xmas which would get you well on your way, if you do fall off at xmas at least you'll be ahead of the game! go for it i say!

I agree! No time like right now! I'm in the same boat and my friend who is on CD and my CDC made the following suggestions:

Plan ahead what parts of the meal you're going to eat (if you can find out the menu beforehand). Stick to the protein and veg - the low carb ones.

Stick to CD leading up to the first big meal, knowing you'll get to eat the real food that night. Feel like you've earned it for being good!

Then get right back on track and face the next meal the same way.

As my friend says - you have to make CD work for you. Don't go insane on it restricting yourself at the most difficult season at all. Just stick to it the best you can, and you'll have some progress AND some yummy Christmas meals

I think with going into (K) Mode and as long as its a one off meal and your head will carry you on with CD , I can't see the problem , but if you start in Jan you would of packed on even more weight and then become more unhappy with yourself , so I think the two dinners will be ok as long as you leave the cheat there, what do you say ?
I also think you should start now, you may not stick to it 100% because of the planned meals but you'll likely weigh a lot less in January if you start now compared to how much you would if you wait ---- good luck :)
Oh dear I'm afraid my view is a little different, I personally would wait until after Christmas and then go for it 100%. I always worry that breaks can make it harder to get back on the wagon. The only other thing I would consider is possibly doing one of the higher plans through December, you could then have your nights out, you should still lose some weight and drop down into SS in January.

Good luck with whatever you decide.

I am in two minds, I definitely agree you should cut your carbs and up your water intake.
To be honest, as you only have 2 stone to lose. I would wait till after Xmas/January. As it depends what you are eating at these meals & your actual Xmas dinner. Of course you will lose weight on CD, but unless you stick to lean turkey & some green veg - you will probably put some of it back on and it may put you off being 100% in january. Only you know, what will suit you more.

I think as you have asked the question, you too are in two minds about starting before Xmas.
If I was you (I wish I was only 2 stone off target) I would just cut my carbs and increase my water intake (you will lose weight from that anyway). If you restrict yourself too much, it might make you not want to carry on january. Are you exercising? You could do some exercises. I bet without CD you can lose about half a stone before january. By watching your diet, eating low carb/low fat, drinking more water & exercising.
Sorry to say but I wouldnt start before christmas, possibly be carefull of what Im eating in prep for after christmas to start cd ss, but personaly this close to christmas things crop up all the time, I would enjoy a happy healthy eating christmas, its a whole 12mths until the next one.lol

Good luck whatever you decide to do hunni.xx
I had this dilemma too and decided to start now and make the most of the time I have left- I have a meal booked on 19th for works christmas do, when I plan to have a night off and get straight back on the next day and SS up to Christmas. Am going to have Christmas and Boxing days off and SS after that through til the New Year. I may have to eat a little on New Years eve as I want to go out and drink, but I haven't decided for sure as I may decide that I want to be slim for the New Year more than I want to drink on it!!

I think you should start now as there's still 3 weeks til Christmas and you could shift a stone in that time!! I'd love to be a stone lighter for Christmas!

i didnt want to wait until after xmas as i can do a lot of damage to my weight in just 4 weeks, so i decided to just go for it and im in day 4 now.
when i first started i thought i would want to come off for xmas and boxing day but now to be honest i really dont care about the food, i just keep telling myself its just 12 weeks out of my life to get rid of this weight, just 12 weeks thats it!! i can eat after then. :)
good luck whatever you decide!
(apologies, I couldn't find my original post) Thanks all - I have made my appointment and will be signing up tonight after work. Will be aiming for SS up until Christmas SS+ Christmas day / Boxing Day and then SS 100% oooh excited. I am getting married next year and sooooo looking forward to being a slim bride :)

Dieting Rambler

Size 14 Here I Come!
Good for you! Remember to take 1 day at a time and that the trick is to pick yourself up, dust yourself down, and get on with it, if you have a little hiccup!
Yayyy hun how are you getting on??

I'm getting married next year too and have the same plan as you - we can buddy up if you like? When's your wedding date?

Helloooo wannabslim, Yeah would love to buddy up as we do have the wedding and diet plan in common. I am finding the diet OK actually - they taste so much better than the LT ones...I am getting married on the 18th July 2009 and on day 4 of CD SS :) when is your wedding date?
Yay that's great hun - day 3/4 is the hardest so well done on getting this far!

My wedding is the 21st Sept next year so a little after yours - like you, I'm trying to lose weight for my dress, although they haven't taken my measurements yet I'm hoping to be the same size I'll be on my wedding day by 1st Feb (when my measurements are being taken).

I'm doing well on the diet, have lost 3lbs so far since Monday (unofficially) and am starting to feel that my goal is now in sight. It seemed so far away but its approaching so fast it scares me a little tbh.

Do you have any plans for the weekend? Ooh and when is your official WI?



now got pictures in album

Start now, you could lose 1 stone by this time in Jan!! :D

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