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Hi everyone, I have been looking at the SW site for weeks & seriously toying with the idea of joining. I tried it years ago but didn't enjoy Red/Green days.
The EE sounds too good to be true and I am rather sceptical. I am a bit of a binge eater & most diets don't come near to filling me up.
I sat in at a class last week but the leader who although was friendly enough, was bigger than me!! I left without joining as I thought if the plan was that easy to follow why wasn't the leader doing it? She admitted she had food issues & her weight is up & down but I need major support & didn't feel inspired (is that unfair of me)?
I also have a very sweet tooth & do not like mullerlight yogs (don't like sweetners - leave a nasty after taste).
Basically, is it as easy as it seems without making your head hurt thinking about it??:confused:

Sample of what I think I could eat:-

Breakfast - 2 slices of w/meal toast (400g) bacon, scrambled egg, toms, quorn or joes sausages, beans.

Lunch - Jacket Pot, Low Fat cottage cheese, salad eith dressing (0.5 syns) & salmon + fruit

Dinner - Sheperds Pie (made with colmans packet 2 syns per portion) with loads of extra veg

Snacks - low fat choc bar, or dessert?

I think I may be OK with savoury stuff it is finding lovely dessert ideas that do not include loads of quark or yogurt!!

I am going away in 3 weeks and know I am going to be so upset with the way I look so if I joined a SW group tomorrow, I could be a good 9lbs lighter if I was very good.:cool:

My Hubby & I had a chat last night & although he hasn't said anything, when I asked him he said he could tell I was putting weight on.

I have had a weight problem for nearly 20years on & off & at 38, I want to lose weight for good & live a normal, happy,healthy life.

I am at my heaviest weight ever & feel utterly miserable. I need to lose 5 stone to be where I would like to be but 4 would be fab!!

Please give me your EE experiences & weight losses please with any good dessert ideas.

Thank you so much for listening tome going on!!!!:)

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I will do this!!!
I love EE and find it so easy, hence the name! You get so much choice and it doesn't feel like a diet at all. Iv now lost over a stone and know without SW i would have put that on, and more by now! Give it a go and see how you feel in a month or so.
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Only you can know if SW and EE are right for you but my own personal experience of EE is positive. I've lost forty pounds since the middle of Feb, which is slower than some but suits me just fine as it took me a long time to get fat so it'll take some time to lose it. Plus, and this sounds weird, if I lose weight quickly it comes back just as quick but this time everytime I lose a pound I know it's gone forever - this time my weight loss feels permenant - that might be because I'm not on a diet, I've adopted a healthier way to eat.

I don't like muller lites either but lurve the Shape 'feel fuller for longer' ones. A typical day for me is:

Brekkie - frozen berries (defrosted)/ grated apple/ chopped bannana and lf greek yogurt with a sprinkle of sweetner

Snack - alpen light bar

Lunch - huge salad with SW quiche/ baked pot/ dal/ couscous/ yesterday's leftovers, grapes or apple

Snack - apple and alpen light bar

Tea - pasta & veg bake, HM chicken & veg curry, stirfry, baked chicken/HM beefburgers & SW chips, all with a salad.

I don't tend to have desserts but when I do it's a Shape yogurt or fruit. Occaisionally I have a Skinny Cow lollypop (lurve the mint choc one!)

All I've really changed about my eating is to make our normal meals but reduce the fat content (eg lf mince, use Fry Light for frying), make sure at least a third of my plate is filled with salad or veggies before I put the 'main' bit of the meal on the plate and I plan my menus so I don't have an excuse to pop out and buy a cake at work because I'm starving - there's always fruit in my desk drawer plus a couple of Options sachets for choccie cravings or when I just need a bit of TLC.

The key is to realise that you have to make choices if you want to lose weight - and only you can decide if you're prepared to do that. There's a thread with people's favorite mottos and on that has really struck me is "Being fat is hard. Losing weight is hard. Pick your hard".

Whatever you decide to do, good luck on your weight loss journey.

S: 14st7lb C: 14st7lb G: 10st0lb Loss: 0st0lb(0%)
Thanks for your comments, I really do have some decisions to make. I love your quote Bliss - so true! & well done on your losses so far!

I suppose I am fed up of thinking about dieting & which one to follow although I have never tried EE.

My OH says I should just cut down & exercise more & stop dieting & it would come off naturally.

I spend so much time & money on diets, products, magazines. It is now 11.40am & I have spent the majority of the last 2.5hours on this site & similar while my 8 yr old has been sat on the PS3. The weather is perfect for a bike ride & Instead of sitting on my fat, lazy bum I could have been burning some calories off!!

Can you adopt SW eating forever?? Or do alot of people lose it then join again when the weight has crept back on?

I am always confused where diets are concerned cos there are so many conflicting theories.

I suppose as Bliss said, it all comes down to what will suit you personally.

Aaaargh:eek: my head is battered!! I am to get my lovely soon out of his room & go on a bike ride!!

Ignore me - I will go away ha ha:D!!

Thanks guys x x


I want to be fitter again
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You don't need to deprive yourself of the things that will keep you on track. If you eat only free foods for your meals it will leave you with 15 syns for your sweet tooth. For example: a two finger Kit Kat 5.5 syns, a curly wurly 6 syns, a finger of twix 7 syns, a galaxy ripple 9 syns, a packet of revels8.5 syns, reduced fat chocolate mousse 4.5 syns and so on. You can also make things like rice pudding and just syn the sugar.


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I find that if we call eating healthy a diet, we naturally assume we are depriving ourselves. SW isnt a diet, its just guided healthy eating. Syns and the like are the higher cal food we need to eat in moderation and by syning it we an keep an eye on how much we are having. It doesnt really matter which plan you choose to follow, the important thing is following it 100% in the first place!
Good Luck on whatever one you choose :)
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SW is healthy eating for life. Thats what I like about it, it's not a quick fix diet. You learn healthy eating habbits whilst eating the same food as everyone else. With a little imagination most recipes can be adapted to SW friendly.

Give it a try you've only weight to loose:D


Yummy Mummy! xx
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Just wanted to say hiya!!

I have been doing slimming world for a while and I thoroughly enjoy it. I am seeing it as a whole new way of life and it is a learning curve for me. I have excellent weeks - I got SOTW last week for losing 2.5lb, but I also have bad weeks - I gained 4lb a few months back when I went away.

I NEVER deprive myself of anything and I dont have to with syns and flexible syns when I want a night out. The majority of my gains (Ive only 3) have been because of where I have gone wrong not the SW plan.

The plan works if you stick to it, learn to listen to your body and try new things. Im never hungry as there ALWAYS something to snack on and I LOVE the EE plan as it fits in well with family life.

With regards to the class you tried, is there another one close by you could try or maybe go back to that one and give it a go as the classes always have amazing members who are supportive and it is like a little family once you get to know everyone. We have one lady at group who has lost 6 stone as opposed to our leader who is slim built and lost 10lb to get to goal (A big achivement to her which Im certanly not knocking, but to someone like me who has 5+ stone to lose, its not a great deal) and she has some AMAZING ideas and answers a lot of our questions.

Anyway, enough rambling! Good luck with whatever you decide to do but remember - SW is about learning a new lifelong way of eating, approaching food and leading a positive lifestyle not a quick fix to lose a few lbs.

Good luck with whatever you decide and if you join - we are all here to help, support and advise you (as well as having lots of laughs along the way) xxxx
S: 14st7lb C: 14st7lb G: 10st0lb Loss: 0st0lb(0%)
Thank you so much for all of your fab comments/suggestions it's really good of you.

I am going to have a good think about it this evening & start tomorrow with whatever I decide.

Thanks once again x x


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I have mostly done EE and lost over 4 stones between 21st October and 21st April to get to target :D It really is Extra Easy to follow and your ideas for meals are very similar to what I would have (but I'd have more fruit during the day).

If you fill up on fruit and veg at mealtimes and try to keep your meals low syn/syn free as I do, it leaves you with most or all of your syns to 'treat' yourself whenever you like - I have a funsize pack of maltesers most evenings! Eating bigger meals with lots of superfree food means I don't need to snack in between too.

Only you will know if it's right for you, but I would wholly recommend it (and have done to several people!)

Good luck :)

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