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Is there a difference between 'large/small framed' and 'large/small boned'?!


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Hi you lot,
I've been thinking, I wonder if there's a difference between being what people describe as 'large/small framed' and 'large/smal boned'!! I ask this because I've always had skinny fingers, wrists and ankles even when at my biggest (my Mum refers to me as 'small boned', but my shoulders and hips are quite wide when I compare myself to some other people so I tend to think I've got a bigger, well 'medium frame'. I'm not sure what these expressions all mean really so it would be interesting if someone could shed some light on it! Thanks guysXXX
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Hmm, I always thought of myself as medium framed, but heavy boned, lol.. As a small child I was so skinny, then aged 7 got puppy fat, then at 14, shrunk down to a size 8/10, then had kids and went up to a size 16/18 and 20 at my heaviest..Then shrunk to a size 12.. then up again about 7 years ago. So now averaging at 16/18, 17 yrs ago my last child was born, so not blaming it on the baby weight anymore. But frame wise.. i varie from medium to large. x


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I'm not sure about the boned bit but I go with the frame.
I have small wrists, fingers and ankles too but without being mega skinny I couldn't weigh much less than I do now, so I would say I am medium framed.

Whereas my friend is teeny tiny and very small framed!! (and eats like a horse!)
Your frame will never change, as that's your skeleton! No matter how fat of skinny you get, it's not going to change, well until you're really old and osteoporosis kicks in.

I have friends who are a similar height and size to me, but are much more petitely proportioned, in terms of hip width, shoulders etc. Now I know that no matter how much weight I lose, I will never have those proportions, as my hips are simply not going to shrink smaller than the bones. I also have friends who are bigger generally, but aren't necessarily overweight - So I think it's safe to say there are a variety of different 'frames' out there, but these are essentially our skeletons so aren't going to change too much.


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I have small wrists and fingers too but big hips in fact the rest of my body I would say is small frame apart from my hips I am the classic pear shape 34 bust yet still even tho I only have 6 lb to target 42" hips dont think I will ever have a hip measurement under 40" lol I would say despite my hips I was small/medium frame dont know what difference it makes :D:D


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Hmmm food for thought!! Thanks guys, I just find it quite interesting! Some people look so tiny compared to me (frame wise- i.e shoulders/hips etc) and my wrists, ankles and fingers are smaller than most people I know- which is why I was asking! It's a funny old thing- I suppose even our skeletons are all different shapes and sizes!!!X


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I read an article a few months ago that said everyone's skeletons weigh roughly the same amount, so there is no such thing as heavy boned. (That is what the scientists say anyway)

I still think people have different shaped frames though.
I agree that i dont think there is such thing as 'heavy' boned but i am certainly 'big' boned/framed.

I have slim legs and arms but broad shoulders and a large rib cage so i could never truly be 'petite' although i will be happily slim

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Yes I agree - we all have to have different sized frames! There is no way in the world I would ever get to a size 0!! my bones are just way too big!!

When I look at the models, there rib cages are tiny!! I can feel mine even now thru the fat!! hehe!! so even after getting to my goal weight, I'm still a size 12!! I blame my dads rugby frame!! hehe!! why couldnt he have been a marathon runner?? hehe!!



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When I was pregnant, (MANY moons ago) my consultant said there was room to drive a bus through my pelvis :eek:

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