Extra Easy is there an alternative 2 sweetner?????

sugar plum fairy

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hiya everyone,
i just wondered is there a syn free alternative to sweetner?? my hubby has issue's with me using it (he watched a programme about it, it said anything with sweetner in it or on its own makes you crave more of those foods and crave the junk food) so clearly i dont want to be doing that and i definately dont want to be having sugar!!

any advice grately appreciated
Lisa xx
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I watched that programme too. It was a diet club thing where they ate only 1200 calories a day for 2 weeks in order to drop a dress size. Your hubby is right, it did say that products that replace sugar it sweetner e.g coke and diet coke, make you crave the sugar you are replacing with sugar, therefore making you more likely to want a diet coke and a mars bar. But this is the psychological affect that you are now aware of and can counteract because of this. If you continue using sweetner instead of sugar, you will probably find no difference. There is no adverse affects on your health and you can curb your cravings by having free foods or if they are for sweet foods have lowsyn options like yoghurt and options sachet or a hifi bar etc. Its all in your head :p


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Hi, i drink endless cups of tea and have always had 2 sugars in a mug, have tried not taking sugar and have tried every sweetner going but cannot stand either, however i have found Half Spoon made by Silver Spoon, which is half sugar and half sweetner. It says, twice as sweet so use half as much, and thats exactly what i do. I now have 1 spoon in a mug of tea and it tastes great. it works out 1 syn per spoon but thats 15 cups of tea a day!


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It'll have to be sugar I'm afraid. There's no syn free alternative to artificial sweeteners. I'm interested in trying the half spoon sugar. It'll be nice to use half as much as I normally do! Sugar is only 1 syn per level tsp so its not too bad.

sugar plum fairy

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i have been havin sweetner for years now but after that programme hubby is moaning at me lol
i think its cos he's seen me make some of the puddings and the amount of sweetner that goes in he aint keen on but he was more than happy to help me eat it all !!!! men hey xx