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Is there an Exante booklet or anything?

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I received all my shakes today, but I didn't receive any info on the ins and outs of the diets and what I can and can't have. Do they supply you with like a booklet or something, or is there one I can buy? Particularly, I'd like to know you do after you've lost your weight on TS. Can anyone help? Maybe i've missed something on their site or something... :sigh:
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There is a really useful link with the booklet somewhere that someone should hopefully forward to you. Why they don't provide it with the packs I've no idea????? I'm fairly used to VLCDs but if you've never done one before and don't come on Minis I'm not sure how you're supposed to figure it out??? xx
There should be a booklet in your box of products, have you searched all the way to the bottom?
If you have no booklet then email exante and ask them to send you one.

Although I think asking things on here and reading the stickies will be alot more helpful than the exante booklet is!
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Yeah this is my first time ever doing one like this. I've lost a lot of weight in the past but that was from just eating much less food and exercising more.

There was absolutely nothing except the shakes inside the boxes. But yeah, I really hope someone can give me a link, as I'm just thinking what do I do to introduce food again after i've lost the weight I need :)


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There should be a basic one in the box but there's a better one knocking around on here. Hang on I'll see if I can find it.....


Loves Minimins long time
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Can't find it!!!! Sorry. Someone will probably be able to point you in the right direction. But as blue butterfly says, this forum can answer all your questions for you anyway...x


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There was another post on this recently, as nobody seems to be getting the booklet atm


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Toffeeapple, I have reported you as I checked your other posts. What goes around comes around. I'm sure when you're out there looking for some support, some one just like you will come along.


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Dont feed the trolls!


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Funny. But I think that the poster was asking not for instructions for the diet itself but on re-introduction of food, of which I know there is a really detailed post somewhere (more detailed than the one above) that really does help. Having said this I do agree that spelling mistakes on websites/brochures do put me off a bit too...
Starlight said:
Hmmm toffeeapple sounds remarkable like someone else who used to frequent the Exante boards....
Toffeeapple sounds remarkably like an idiot to me!


I will do this...
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Hmmm... I don't like adding to a thread which has a post Luke toffeeapple but I hated the thought of a person thinking about starting Exante or just starting being put off by their comments.

I shop in supermarkets, I was in Greggs last week buying my OH food. I go to restaurants and pubs, I see my friends all the time. I make food, bake and I love watching cookery programmes - especially masterchef. And without knowing what Dawn French weighed, I started off at 24 stone and at last Wednesdays WI I was 18 11. I started in February. And I plan to be finished in November. I am total sourcing and have been 100% since I began 11 weeks ago tomorrow. I'm not superwomen, I'm not boasting, it does get hard some days but hard days pass. Don't let that persons post put you off if you want to do this because this diet is doable.

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