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Is this normal?

I just recieved a nice email from my nearest CDC and she sent me a bit about herself. One bit of the email was....(drum roll)....

'I see Cambridge customers at my house (Wimbledon), generally in the evenings
but sometimes at weekends or during the day if really necessary. I will support you as much as I can and weigh you, but can't claim to be a
counsellor in the sense of sorting out food issues and also I see people one
to one - not group meetings.'

I appreciate that with CD you're not getting the (30 pounds extra!) counselling that you would get with LL, but can I just check that this is normal? Or is it just dependent on the CDC as to what level of service they provide?

I can't say this really bothers me, I'm still going to go and have a chat with her, but I just wanted to check :eek:
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It does sound kinda normal to me...i think what shes trying to say is that while she'll talk to you about the diet and the ups and downs, how your feeling etc and weigh you, i think shes saying shes not qualified if you have further food problems...like a psychologist......

MY CDC is ace, shes more like a friend, we talk about how ive got on, ways to change the shakes and she motivates me but we dont touch on my "food demons" that much

not sure though, ho hum.....hope that helps?!



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I am with you there FP. What are you hoping for Skinny?


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I've always had a problem with calling myself a CD "counsellor", as although I've done a psychology AS and have life's understanding of being overweight, dieting etc ... I'm not a trained counsellor as such.

I think the email from the CDC is very good, in that she is telling you what to expect from herself - but if you have more complex issues with food that you need to delve into, then you'll also need a psychologist or behaviour counsellor.

Hope that helps a little???
All I'm looking for is friendly support and advice so yes, this is good! I suppose I just wanted to make sure I was getting my moneys worth :D Can you tell I'm jewish!?


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Beverley has hit the nail on the head. I suppose you could expect the 'councellor' bit to be lying on a brown sofa telling all your woes. I find that your cdc will have done the diet, will most probably have been quite overweight for a while and therefore can give you a great insight into how it works, how your brain will cope etc.

My cdc and I put the world to rights and it's lovely to have someone who understands what being big was like (I said was hee hee, head's catching up)


I'm inclined to agree with the others.
I think the reply your prospective CDC gave was friendly honest & realistic. Also charmingly modest
Unlike LL counsellors, CDC's do not have psychotherapy training. we offer sensible sympathetic pragmatic advice.
If I was you I'd make an appointment to meet her,& do it quickly before she gets fully booked!
Counsellor has a different meaning in society really... an advisor or mentor would perhaps be a better way of describing it

Jus x
I think a lot of us who are or have been overweight have emotional issues that we take care of with food. The word counsellor brings to the imagination someone who will help us not only with our diet but who'll help us through that process emotionally too.

However we are trained to counsel in the use of the Cambridge diet, how to use it to it's optimum benefit for each individual who wishes to lose weight.

I found the diet beneficial not only to getting to a healthy weight but also in understanding some of my eating issues. I also found this website a great help too. Reading other peoples experiences and relating them to your own is very therapeutic.

I'm finding it a great help being here. Its lovely to have my CDC who is great but without this site its a long time to go between meetings! The pictures alone inspire me.


Counsellor has a different meaning in society really... an advisor or mentor would perhaps be a better way of describing it

Jus x
I take your point. It's a difficult one.
I quite like the phrase Cambridge Advisor.
I think that as long as we remeber that we are 'trained to counsel on the use of the cambridge diet plans' then there should be no problems.

I notice that the W8 people call themselves consultants. Of course anyone can assume that title, (just like 'counsellor' there is no definition requiring any professional status) but to me the name is most strongly associated with the most senior grade of hospital doctor & as such would seem a bit grandiose as used in the diet field. ( I apologise to anyone from W8 if they think I'm being unfair...please feel free to defend your choice of title.)

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