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is this real


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good evening everyone.
now i dont usually do this but last week i was ill with flu and i knew i ate rubbish when i did manage to eat so i weighed myself on sunday and it said i gained 2lb :rolleyes: whoops i think, but then today totm arrives so i think that explains the gain so i weigh myself again tonight and it says i have gained another 3lb:eek:.

can this be right, im now thinking i cant go to weighin on thursday with a 5lb gain!
i wont be getting on them scales again thats for sure:(

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No idea hun.

Not eating/eating junk combined with ToM is likely to do strange things to a girl. I can't see how you've gained that much. If you go to class and show a gain, it won't be proper 'weight'. It will be water, bloating, whatever. Not fat! And you'll shift it again soon.
Better to address the scales head on and know what you've got to do. It will motivate you to stick with it for the weeks ahead.



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sorry hun i cant help you here either. hope you get your answer soon! xxx


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I once out 6lbs on in a week, due to scoffing choccy for the entire week!
came off again over the next couple of weeks though. Saying that, I suspect a lot of it will have come off again by Thursday


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Your body will be holding onto water Hun. Don't panic, if you're back to eating normally it will adjust itself. Please don't weigh yourself again!


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Chill and relax. Just carry on with the plan as normal and wait for WI. IF you've got a gain it could be 1001 reasons, so just carry on and the scales will reward you next week :)


is getting better at it
S: 17st10lb C: 15st3lb G: 9st0lb BMI: 41.6 Loss: 2st7lb(14.11%)
oh well what will be will be :wave_cry:
thanks for the replys, i will not be getting on the scales again never done it before so dont know why i done it this time :(
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We are our own worse enemy getting on those scales huh?
Don't worry it won't be as bad as you think. When you eat high salt food like crisps, pastries, junk food in general your body holds on to water. Its impossible to gain 5lbs of fat in just a few days. Get back on track and you will see minimal gains.
Good luck! x
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I really don't think so, but you won't know untill u Wi properly..

i always say, .. just because u skipped class.. doesnt mean u didnt gain it. If youv gained 5 lbs, youv gained it. End of, BUT going to class will put u on teh right track, and hey ho, you never know.. your scales.. which is likley could be wrong. Id go to class if i were u darlin. *hugs* dont fret. Just get back to plan and youl be fine x

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