Is this right?????


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Its the week before my star week and i was dreading this as i eat so badly and just am out of control, so for my tea (green day) i made sw chips then i had quorn burger (not to bad actually) on a small brown barm (he) with dairylea slice (he) and now ive just had a ww dessert as part of my syns, dont know how many yet but have asked on the syns bit, a similar one came in as 4 and a half. I feel like ive completlely broke the diet plus i had ww crisps before but still doesnt take me over my synns, is this right? I am bloated but dont know if its because its nearly star week or because ive had traets, what do you think?
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Doesn't sound like you've eaten very much at all.
How many Dairyleas have you used? Are you sure it's enough to make it a HE?
I'm not sure what your syns will be for the crisps and desert, but you certainly don't sound 'out of control' to me hun.
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Can't imagine you have gone over your syns from what you say. Assuming the yoghurt was 4 crisps I think average about 5 or 6 depending on the size and considering they were ww, say 5 1/2 that's 9 1/2 syns (if my guestimates are right!) Don't know what quorn burgers are, if anything. So it looks like you should be well within your syns - don't know what you had the rest of the day though (if anything)


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It doesn't sound to me like you're our of control at all. Yes you have snacked on things you wouldn't normally (from the sound of it) but it also looks like you're well within your syns. Don't worry about it :D
You're snacking, but you're being sensible with it too, which is brilliant.xx


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Just try and squeeze a couple of piece of fruit and veg in there and you'll be well on your way. Could you have had some veg with your burger and chips? or some baked beans? maybe an apple or banana with your dessert?


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did have fruit for breakie and a egg sandwich for lunch think it was because i had 2 lots of bread i felt so bloated, that time of the month i hate it just want stodge!!!


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Sounds fine to me - this plan works by allowing you to have what you fancy to eat! I agree with Kirsty though - try to get more fruit and veg in - but if you have followed plan and stuck to syns which it sounds like you have, you will be fine! xx