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is this slow going?

Ive just realised that ive been doing sw for almost a year now and ive only lost 2.5 stone.is that bad .just seems like its taken a long time just to lose 2.5 stone.
mind you i nearly hit my 3 stone target the other day but i had a few hiccups recently,so now trying hard to shifrt that last bit of weight.
i started at 14 st 3lb and now i weigh 11st 12(well i did last week ,havent weighed yet so hopefully it should be less)

do you other sw ladies think this is slow.

i could do with a boost

i know theres no rush ,but still,i seem to be stuck and cant go any further.

ive tried all,different days mixing it up changing meals and he choices
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Will be thin god dammit!!
I think everyone loses at different rates and if the scientists are right then the people who lose slowly are much more likely to keep the weight off - so go you! x
If you dont stick to the plan 100% all for the whole year, the you cant xpect amazing results.

However youve done really well, and as the above says more likely to keep it off.


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I think SW as a plan is a 'slowly but surely' lifestyle change anyway!
I know you might be frustrated that it's not dropping off, or that you haven't lost more in the time you've been on plan, but look at it this way: What would you rather have? Lose 3.5 stone but have a struggle to keep it off, or lose what you have (which is a brilliant achievement) and keep it off? I know what I'd rather have. Just try and look at it long term honey xxx
If you dont stick to the plan 100% all for the whole year, the you cant xpect amazing results.

However youve done really well, and as the above says more likely to keep it off.

i stick 2 plan 100% . but somtimes we all fall off the bandwagon.it just shocked me that 12 monthes down the line its still only 2 and a half stone lost

surley some of you girls must get sick of subsituting things,i mean like chickpeacake/ryvita cake,is it me or are these things just not the same.i think personally a little treat somtimes cant be bad.
i used to eat really bad and to think of how i used to eat and how i eat now are completly different
There are other factors which have an effect on the weekly losses, one is your starting weight, a general rule of thumb is that the more you have to lose, the bigger the initial losses will be, when you're close to your target weight, the losses will become smaller and the length of time it takes to lose weight will increase. An additional variable is activity levels, are you generally an active person?

I'm big to start with so I have had good losses so far, 3 stone 4 lbs in 8 weeks. So it's definitely fast for me, but I completely expect this to slow down...
wow thats amazing.yeah i have obvioulsly slowed down,these last couple of weeks but i put on 7lb in a week ( had a lot of very bad things going on,not a good time at all) so after getting over that i was back on diet 100% weighed last week after doing a fab week on green i stayed the same,exactley the same ,i was gutted.so this week so far has been a brilliant week on ee,i need to lose somthing this week.i wont weigh untill tomorrow,but i will be devastated if i sts again.i think i feel frustrated as a few weeks ago i was at my lightest ever at 11st 6lb and i felt good.just dont seem to be able to get back there and i was only 3lb of losing 3 stone target
Perhaps add some new/more exercise into your routine. Sometimes your body needs a bit of a jolt!


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'only' 2.5st you say..

but with fad diets you would be yoyo dieting and maybe 2.5st heavier
dont be too tough on yourself your doing great :)
Just wanted to say that I follow the plan 100% except for a meal or day off every few months when I'm going out or whatever. I finally got a loss this week after staying the same for 3 weeks!! I went back to basics and realised that something I thought was free wasn't and a couple of things I had undersyn'd. I was really shocked and lost all my confidence with the plan :eek: But I stuck to it, tried really hard, did a bit of extra exercise and I got a 2lb loss this week :)

Not sure if any of that helps, but just wanted you to know that there are quite a lot of us on here who know how you feel.xx

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