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is water flavour a laxative?

Hi everyone,
Bit :ashamed0005: asking this but I am wondering if anyone has found that water flavouring has a laxative effect?
It is the only thing that I can think of as I only started using it a couple of days ago and have had a bit of it but today I used it to mix 4 litres of water and so have had far more than before. I hope not as it makes drinking water just so much easier!!!
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I thought that might have been obvious. Yes it has! Strangely I nearly bought some laxatives today, good job I didn't as I certainly don't need them today!
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Sorry thought you might have read it has happened to someone else and was curious if it might happen to you! lol.
You could have an allergy to it hun, why don't you try not cutting it out completely but just cutting back on the amount that you have in a day?
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If using the flavouring is making the water easier to drink does that mean you're drinking more water? I drink far more water on a weekend than i do during the week and always find that it loosens things a bit (well, a lot actually), could just be that. If not drinking enough water can cause constipation then surely drinking it to excess (or just more than you're body is used to) could have the opposite effect.xx
Hello - check the ingredients on the flavoured water - if it has sweetener in that will probably be why it has a laxative effect.
As a diabetic with irritable bowel I have to be very careful not to eat sweeteners!!

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I don't know about CD flavourings in particular, but I remember that the LL ones did have a laxative effect. I stopped using them for just that reason...
Thanks everyone,
I checked and of course there is sweetener in it, should have thought of that one! I think that must be it, which is a shame, I will just have to limit how much I have of it. I would have thought that the binding effect of CD would have compensated for it!
Today I have been feeling really dizzy, so I think that yesterday stripped my body of nutrients or something too which isn't good. Will drink water today and my shakes and hopefully it will pass.


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Do you always drink 4L water? I can't manage 4L it makes me very dizzy and gives me the runs. I think it's just the fact that my bladders already full and the water has nowhere to go but out the other way...lol!


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Hi,I use the water flavourings,they definatley do have a laxitive effect,but that doesnt bother me,as it means i dont get constipated!!
Did you know that you are only supposed to have a teaspoon a day altogether?if you have been throwing it in your water willy nilly that might be why,dont give up with them straight away love,you may find you have just had too much,they make the water taste so much nicer.

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