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Is WW for me???

Or not - I know it is personal choice but need some pointers :confused:
I did ww in the past on the original points plan and lost 3 stone and come to a standstill. I then switched to SW and lost another 1.5 come to a standstill and switched to CC where I didnt really lose a huge a great amount.
Due to illness I have regained so need to get things going again - I have never stopped cc but I am in a cycle of being between 13st and 13st 7 for the last year.
I am wondering whether the new pro points would help me kick start, I cook from scratch, never buy ready meals but if buying a butty or something it is convienient to just see cals and not have to work them out, having said that I can if I have to!!
I have the scales, calulator and a couple of recipe books from points which I know wont work on pro points, but the recipes I cook are my own mainly so need to be able to work the pp out.
Is there a formula to work out the pp as there was for the points, so I can give it a try?

sorry for the long post :eek:
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id go for the old plan personally just reading about propoints gets me confused lol plus ive heard some negative things about propoints people not losing as they did with old points, just my opinion but i cant praise discovery enoughxx
I've done discovery and propoints. I prefer propoints because it fits in with my life. You can eat out or have a drink, you don't feel deprived of anything because the weekly points are there to back you up. It was hard on old points for me to save points for the weekend but I don't have to do that now. It also promotes a high protein, low carb diet which is really good for building muscle and losing fat. It really depends on the person but they've made propoints for a reason, old points is an outdated idea but if its easier for you then go for it obviously!! :D

Do you have an iphone or android phone? There are apps that work out pp for you? Or you get a calculator when you join. Another method people use "on the go" is to divide 40 into the calories and round up or down if remainder is above 20 or below 20 respectively. This generally works most of the time... Hope that helps x

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It does take a bit of time to cross over from the old style to propoints. I joined WW online and it's so, so easy to just enter something on the menu plan and the system tells you what the points are.

I only came across this fairly recently - before that, I'd just used the books and then written everything down by hand. But that gets a bit labourious if you're not able to remember stuff (which I'm terrible at).

I've not even bothered to learn most of the propoints values as I know they're all there when I need them. But I've got the general idea of focusing on proteins rather than carbs.

I eat quite a lot of 'ready' foods and things that come ready packaged with calorie counts etc on them. I think that does kind of make it easier (and I use the /40 method when I'm considering what to buy).

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