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It seems such a long way to go!

HI all I'm new to this forum, it looks a great place for chat and support.

I've been on SW for 5 wks now and lost 9.5lbs on EE. I was feeling good and positive until I saw a recent photo of myself and it reminded me how far I've still got to go (2 stone). Sometimes it feels like I will never get there. I know I will if I stick to it though - good luck to everyone with the same amount to loose, lets help each other out!! :p
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Hi there :) I know how you feel hun..I've been doing it for 3 and a bit weeks now,lost 12 lbs but still have over 3 stone to go to hit my first target and over 7 stone to hit my ultimate goal.I'm trying not to think about it tbh and keep breaking it down into smaller targets to keep me motivated!
Good luck with your Weight loss xxx


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:D You will soon get there if you keep at it. I know what you mean though. I still have 12 stones to lose to my target and so its going to take me a year at least. I take it one stone at a time. Try breaking it down into smaller goals that might help instead of focusing on the whole thing. Well done on what you have achieved so far.
Firstly i'd like to say Welcome to our weird little community hun. :D

secondly, if you ever need someone to boost your spirits then we're all here for you. my target on here is just to reach a healthy weight for my size, not my final weight. i figured i'd work out how much more to loss once i get closer. it makes me sad to think that i've got to lose all that before i can start to lose weight as a self-confident body loss as oppossed to a healthy loss. but we'll persevere together!
It can seem like a long way which is, I assume, why SW concentrate on half stone goals.

I've been at it 5 months and have lost 3.5 stone. Still 4 stone to go if I want to go all the way to a healthy BMI (not sure yet, will depend on how my boobs look - want to keep them fairly firm).

Welcome and good luck.
you will get there hun i got to my 2.5 award within 6 months its the last bit i can't shift.
like the others have said don't look at it as 2 stone look at it as your stone award then your stone and a half award then 2 stone also add in club 10 and under each stone mark and aim for it in chunks.
I was unfortunate that my stone award was at 13.5 lb anything so when ever i went under the next stone I also got a award but aiming for under that next stone was more rewarding for me and aiming to be under a half. another way is set intrem targets at your sw club
you will do it hun good luck

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