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It sucks being fat


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i have woken up this morning full of dieting spirit, but still really down about my wedding.

i have had 2 years to do something about my weight and have been messing about. now its 7 months away and with over 5 stone to lose....i have to accept im going to be a fat bride.

a fat bride on an antiguan beach is not going to be a pretty sight!

i really wish i had decided on a british winter wedding now, at least i could cover up!

if i could lose 3 stone by then i would be much happier - but i dont know if that even possible.

i am going wedding dress shopping tomorrow. its something i should be looking forward to and excited about. bit all i can think of is how embaressing its going to be when they pull out the only 2 plus size dresses they have and they dont fit.

it sucks being fat
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Jane R

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Hi Malarnz, first of all congratulations for the weight you have lost so far:)
I can understand how you feel as I was 18.7st 6mnths before I got married and absolutly dreaded walking into a wedding shop. When I finally found a dress that I knew would suit me I felt motivated to join SW. I didn't join until 5 mnths before the wedding and managed to lose 3 stone which made a massive difference to my confidence. OK I wasn't a slim bride but I felt much more confident and we had a wonderful day.
I am sure that you will be spurred on when you see the wedding dress you want.
Good luck Melarnz and hope that you have a lovley day tomorrow. X


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Thanks Jane xx

i had a OMG moment today. me and my mate go to sw together and we weigh in wednesdays.

we have both been pretty bad over the last few days for various reasons, but i had every intention to climb straight back on it thursday.

i got into work thursday (we also work together) and she had bought me my favourite cookie from greggs and a cup of tea. knowing i wouldnt resist this led to a day of being 'naughty' and starting today.

i got into work this morning and she ordered the office sausage and egg sandwiches from the cafe that delivers to our office. so this has lead to another day.

i was just thinking about my wedding how i am moaning about how fat i will be at my wedding. and then it occured to me. SHE IS SABOTAGING ME!!!

whether she is consciously doing it it or not i dont know, but she is getting married herself next yr as well and is really struggling with her weight too.....is she trying to make it okay to be fat at her wedding so i will be fat at mine??

i dont know! but - i am going to sit and do a list of dinners for me for this week and do my shopping. sticking to the plan 100% and am going to try and stick as close to 5 syns a day as possible.!

here goes...


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Is she having the naughty stuff too? Or just getting a smug kick out of you having it while she polishes her halo?!

I get the same at work.....the naturally skinny girl who sat opposite me today eating her pud was delighting in telling me how good her apple crumble was and don't I wish I was allowed some instead of my muller yoghurt. Cheeky cow. Actually I don't like it and I wasn't the least bit bothered....which seemed to put her nose out a bit.


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Hi Melarnz,
Can I just say that you are a beautiful young lady and the weight you have lost so far is excellent. I'm quite sure that you will be a just as beautiful stunning bride!
It's certainly a great shame that your mate is not supporting you and not doing herself any favours either.
I well know the awful tempation it is to give in and eat whatever is being offered, I have the same dilemma when I stay with my daughter who constantly serves up great swathes of icecream or cream cakes. Even tho' I make firm resolutions to not fall into the habit it's easier said than done.
I do hope that you manage to get on track and just lose a few more pounds just for your own self worth feeling.
All the very best. Never give up, girl.


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she is having the naughty stuff too! but no more!

i have had my porridge and berries for breakfast, going to have a quick tidy up and then have a walk down the road for some more frozen fruit.

i am going out just after lunch for the dreaded wedding dress shopping. but im going to try and put on a brave face for my mum.

its a weird feeling knowing you are going to have the bigges day of your life, and feel uncomfortable about your size. but on a day to day basis you get used it. thre are so many people who slim down for their wedding and then put it back on again. i understand why us girlies do it....but whats the point??. why go through all that effort just so the pictures look nice. I am hoping that i will continue with these good habits into the future, and the wedding is just a good reason to get me kick started


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Your friend is doing neither of you any favours. It sounds as if she cant stick to it and is ensuring you dont either.
Dont be too down on yourself as you've done so well and Im sure once you've picked your dress you'll feel a lot happier and will get back on track. Hope it goes well today and I'm sure you'll look gorgeous.

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