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It Was Short and Sweet!

I've decided to not do Cambridge for the time being. My head still isn't in the right place. One stressful day this week and I was back to eating :cry:
We've got the house move coming up around Xmas too so I'm going to do WW or food combining for the time being and get all that out of the way and then see where I am.
I feel a bit of a failure and reading the posts here and seeing pics I beat myself up that I can't get back on it, especially after I did so well :sigh: but I know that mentally I'm not 'there'
So will back at some point I think, depends on how well I do with the other eating plans.
Good luck everyone!
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Oh Karen, so sorry to hear you are feeling down at the moment. You're not a failure Hun - CD isn't right for you right now but you have a lot of other stuff going on in your life without the added pressure of CD. I think you're being sensible by looking at other weight loss plans, good luck with that but please don't be a stranger. Much love xx


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In think this is one of those diets that its really not worth doing if your head isn't in the right (or nearly the right) place. I think you have made a brave and sensible decision - it would be far easier to carry on dabbling with it. Good luck with the next few weeks - hope everything works out
Thanks for your replies. It just feels like another plan I failed at. If I'd stuck with it I'd be at goal now *sigh*
But I will get there it just might take me a little longer than the original plan, moving wasn't anywhere on the horizon a few months a go, so its been a bit manic lol!
Will pop back and keep in touch :gen126:
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aw fm I know how you feel I was a year like that and wasted a lot of money :( I would do a day or 2 then binge whenever I felt stressed out, cd is def a mind game and I dont think its healthy (mentally) to keep trying cos if your like me youll spend most of your time beating yourself up when you go off plan, Good luck with ww


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You haven't failed chick. Look at what you have lost already.

So CD isn't for you at the moment, but doesn't mean you won't ever be back and it certainly doesn't mean you have failed either. I hope another plan works better for you whilst you have all the stresses in your life.

Please keep in contact with us though and let us know how you are doing.

All the best. Charlie xx
hey sorry to here CD is not working for you at the moment , but of all the things I have learnt about VLCD's the most importnat is your head has to be in exactly the right place . You are not a failure at all , failure would be to keep trying when its not working for you , you are being proactive and trying a plan that may suit you better right now !

I really hope you continue to loose and dont feel so bad . and i hope the move goes ok :)


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Aaah, good luck FM, you are not a failure! You are still doing something about your weight, just following a different route to get there. Take care. x:)
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I've also found it hard. Its the second time of doing CD and first time was def alot easier for me.
I decided to loose weight I would have to stick with something I could do so I didn't keep feeling I failed and beating myself up everyday as I only managed SS one day out of ten.
So I went to WW meeting and been on it since Friday. I already feel better mentaly, I think aslong as I loose weight it doesn't matter how I do it as long as I do do it!!!
Good luck with what ever you choose to do, there are a few of us from the CD over on the WW site now, come join us if you want some support
Good luck
K x


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Good luck with WW and keep us updated on how you are getting on. :)