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Thought I Should Start A New Thread As Alot Of U Guyz Have Become Curious. Yes No One Knows Im Doin Lt... And Yes My Hubby Does Live With Me. Lol. Casually Discussed It With Him Before Starting And He Was Totally Against It And People Who Do It. Hes A Doctor And Is Extra Health Concious But The Healthy Way Acc To Him... Ie Fruit, Veg, Protein..... But That Is A Too Long Process For Me.
Anyway, Ive Actually Told Him That I Only Eat Once A Day( While Hes At Work, Or When Im At Work)... Wknds Are Tricky.... I Have Cereal Early Morning And Then Im Not Hungrey And Just Have Strawberry Milkshake (my Daughters Nesquik) In The Evening. He Says He Misses Eating Together But I Just Say So Do I.... But Im Trying To Loose Weight And Cant Eat After 6 As The Metabolism Slows Down. Lol...lol....lol

Oh, And I Hide My Packs In My Albran Cereal Box.... He Hates Albran And Will Never Go Anywhere Near.....

God! I Sound So Cunning ;)
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Hooooooooo you bad girl lol
My doctor told me to stop bread pots and pasta and the weight will fall off me , i thought yeah , been on CD on and off for my weight loss . What does he think of these diets then ?
your naughty hahaha! Good luck x
That is so cool, nice one.... no point telling someone if there not going to help/support.

All Bran URGH

My husband is more worried now about the time i'm spending online shopping/browsing than the diet!!!!!!! and its only day 1!!! we'll be completely skint by the time i'm thin!!!!


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How come, if your OH is a doc who is into healthy eating, he brings home so many naughty treats - especially when he knows you are trying to lose weight?

I'd give him short shift!!!!! Cheeky blighter!



Eloquent hooligan
Doesn't it take ages to start every word with a capital letter? ;)

haha - I've been thinking the same :D

I'm so pedantic & particular when it comes to written English :eek:

Doesn't it take ages to start every word with a capital letter? ;)

Soz for being cheeky it's the teacher in me coming out!!!:eek:

Good luck with the diet!!! :D
oh i laughed out really loud when i read that! (well i have no voice but if i did it would have been really loud)

Yeah This Typing Every Word To Start With A Capital Letter Is Such Hard Work! ;) Lol!!!


Eloquent hooligan
you women are weird ;) x

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