It's December!! Woohoo!!


The Diet Guy
Let the Christmas preperations begin!!

Deckies out and up tonight!!!!

My tree arrived today!! YAAY!!

Bought it off ebay from the same people again this year - the delivery driver said it was the first time he's ever delivered a tree:)

It's in some water and the whole house smells all piney and of Christmas. Deckies up tomorrow. Can't wait.:)
Oh my word - deckies up already - I haven't even started thinking about Christmas yet :eek: been too wrapped up in setting up as a CDC, better get a move on!
I love Christmas, really enjoy it, we have a lot of family traditions that are great fun. :)

I'm still undecided what to do about food this year though.

No decorations up here yet, possibly at the weekend
Thats what i like about you mike, your just a big kid like me!!

24days not only to Xmas, but Florida/Disney for me !! YAAA
'tis the season to be jolly, fa la la la la, la la la laaaaaaaaaaa'