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It's hard going today....


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I'm feeling so hungry at the moment. I've no intention of cheating at all, but it's just really hard today. My TOTM is due soon..but it sort of came yesterday, then went away again and I've got a rotten stomach/back ache. I'll be glad when it does come and I won't feel so starving again till next time..:(
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Sparkles - I feel for you. It is my TOTM and I had a very hard weekend. It did pass though and I felt better yesterday and much better today. Big hugs and hope the feelings pass quickly.

Well done for staying strong!


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i feel for you hun!
I'm thankful that i havent had to experience a TOTM whilst on Cd and i'm dreading it when i do!
Well done for not cheating though!!! :)


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I probably should have had something to eat sooner, but hubby doesn't get home until just after 7pm and I wanted to save my soup and a bar until then so I'd feel like I had something more. Just about to have my soup now, put my pyjamas on and take some Feminax. That should sort me out! :)


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I feel for you! I went through the same thing last weekend, big cravings due to TOTM :(

You just have to push through it and keep in mind the cravings are down to the hormones, not hunger. I just keep thinking how it will all be over in a few days... and once it is, you feel fine again! :)

Hugs for you though, hope you feel better xxx


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Hugs Sparkles... hope you are feeling better soon.



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Hugs Sparkles... hope you are feeling better soon.

I'm feeling a bit better now I've had my soup and a bar. Going to get my pyjamas on now and take some tablets. I feel really exhausted today....


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Only a couple more days and you will not be feeling like this at all. So keep it up. Your doing great x
well done for staying strong and resisting food we all feel for you and know how you feel with these blasted TOTM's. you are doing so well keep it up xxx
Thanks. I'm not craving anything any more except for a comfy chair! My ankles are swollen like 2 little balloons and my sofa is so uncomfortable. I'm getting irritable now because I can't get comfy anywhere! I know it's early but I wish my TOTM would come back again-I know it's going to happen soon because of the stomach ache but I wish it would just hurry up. It comes a bit, goes away, comes back heavier and lasts for ages-then comes early again. I wouldn't mind if I didn't have to go to work and could just curl up in bed!


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Oh Sparkles, you poor thing. I felt similar to you this time last week and it's horrible. You've got the right idea with pj's and comfort - I'd even throw in a hot water bottle and cosy cover :)

Hope you manage to get a good sleep and feel a wee bit better tomorrow.

Take care
T x

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