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It's monday lets do it **hour by hour**


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Good morning all you fat losers..

A Bit grey here today..

Well!!!! I have completed my 1st week and.....................................................................................................................have lost...........................................................................................7 1/2lbs!!!!! :D:D:D:D

All ready to hit another week.

Hope you all had a great weekend and all set to lose those lbs.

Have a good one

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Bloody hell well done Hedgemag thats a fantatsic loss! Its a but grey here as well.

Doing nothing until 10.oclock because DS has funny hours at school 12.30 till 3 today, grrr roll on 22nd sept when he starts full time, they are dragging it out too much.

Bout to go and grab a bar and my 3pinter glass lol oh bought it for himself but i can borrow it when hes not here :D


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Morning Headgemag and all you other dieters..

Well it's a bit cold and grey here, but I am starting on week 3 of SS with CD and my determination is solid :D

Well done for your 7 1/2lb weight loss Headgemag, what a great start :clap:

Have a great Monday everyone..

Sarah x

Yeaaahhh Hedge, well done you!!!
Have a great second week.
Morning everybody.
I'm up but not with it yet lol. The first thing I do when I wake up is have a look on here for my thinspirationl, to see whos already posted a loss and to see if I have any pm's and to check on what everybody has been up to all night. Then I have 500 ml water while I make myself a lovely big cuppa..... ahhhhhhhh, with lots of oooooohhhhh. Dont 'eat' till about 10 or 11.
Have a great day everybody x
Lynne x


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That's a great loss Hedgemag! Keep it up!

I'm off work ill today and have only just managed 1l of water so far-been up since 6:45am!!! Just about to have a nice Strawberry Silk tetra. I'm sitting (well lounging really!) on the sofa watching Hairspray and waiting for OH to come back from the Fracture Clinic (he broke his hand Friday night). Starting Day 43 on SS and feeling proud!!! Not cheated once!!! xxx
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Mornin all

Well done hedgemag thats great!!! Im half way down my second litre bottle already today and ive just finished a cappuchino for my brekkie. Its starting to look a little brighter here now, hopefully its going to stay nice all week ive got to do a car boot sale at the weekend to get rid of all my 'too big' clothes - ive got 4 bin bags full of them!! Good luck to everyone getting weighed today. x
Let us know how much you make at the car boot sale Kazza plz, i would be interested to know if its worth doing. I usually take them to help the aged, loads of them still have the price tags on them - i'm a serial buyer of clothes (at least im not a serial killer lol) its a more expensive addiction than killing people but a lot less messy !!! lol
HOPE nobody finds that offensive, if so, please smile at it, its not meant to offend.
S: 16st0lb C: 16st0lb G: 10st7lb BMI: 38.4 Loss: 0st0lb(0%)
Will do. I normally sell my clothes on ebay but ive got far too many and it takes ages to list them all, pack them and manage to get to the post office before it closes on the way home from work!!


always lurkin around!
goodmorning all you lovely cders.. 7 1/2 lbs well done you! well its quite grey here in sunny lancashire but not raining so cant complain. :D


Trying to stay healthy!
hey everyone, hope everyone's day is going well. Was up late this morning so in a rush for the school run! All calm once more and started work when i got back (i work from home) . Had 1 and half litres of water already and 2 coffees, just had my first pack of the day, soup (orientalchili) very nice!! On day6 of wk2 and really looking forward to my WI tomorrow. Bit worried about next weekend as going on a hen do to centre parcs, shouldn't be too much food around as self catering, so taking my packs with me, it's the alcohol that will be almost unavoidable, my cdc reckons i should do SS+ for these days. any advice?
Morning all - well done on your 7 1/2 pound loss Hedgemag thats a brill start!!!

Had to laugh at the title you put up for this thread - it could be read 2 ways! I'm sure youre not calling us 'fat loosers' :p

I have had loads of water so far but not eaten yet - well had a CD meal! Will have that at about 12.45.

Have a good day everyone.

I would do CD + while you are away Lelly - it will help you to be part of the hen do too! Stick to chicken or fish with a small green salad. Good luck with your weigh in tomorrow - mine is tomorrow too.


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Morning all, wow, well done on that loss!! amazing.

I'm 1L and a peanut bar down; splitting a soup pack to get me through the afternoon and have a frozen banana tetra for tea.

Quite nice here today, have a good day everyone. x
afternoon all. Done all my running around for today, had choc orange bar for breakfast and have felt sick ever since. Ive hardly drunk any water because it makes me feel worse. We are off out for dinner tonight (eek)!! Have pre-ordered a pint of water for starter, just the meat for main (DD will eat everything else that comes with it) and a pint of water for sweet.


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Oooh Fizzy how good are you! hope you enjoy going out anyway, I've decided to avoid going out for a while! well as long as possible really! hope you have a fab time. I've now done 1.5L water, a bar and half a soup.... will have half soup just before I make tea for DH later!
Hi ladies! not had the best day today felt so hungry and lethargic, so i had some chicken breast and tuna steak i really was starving - no idea why! and had 4cd packs on top and drank plenty of water. Omg!cant believe how hungry i was!

Have I screwed things up?
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I was at a training day and didnt get to eat my first shake til about 1pm, by that time I could have eaten every pasty, every ham sandwich, every bar of chocky I could see, walking through town.

Got back and had a shake thank goodness and felt good. Then had a bar once had got my stuff from CDC 9had to have an early date as CDC going on hols). Had my weight done with CDc, her scales said I had just lost 3 lbs over 2 weeks! I will put new weigh in on my proper weigh in day on Thursday, expect it to stay same, or maybe a gain?

Came home and had shake and a cup of marigold soup. Just drinking a pint of weak green tea

Will be trying to stay on sole source for the next few days.


Cambridge Diet Counsellor
Day 1 of my 2ndn week almost over and have 1 more shaken to have..probably a Hot Choc..

Water not too good today need to get another litre in today..dont know if I will do it.......glug glugn glug

Goodnight everyone catch you all tomorrow
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Hi everyone,

Starting my 3rd week of SS today and i have eaten.....

I just couldnt help it and i feel so so so so so angry with myself. Im going to have to go through all the headaches and everything all over again. Think i'm going to cry...

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