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its my planned day off, but i don want to do it!

hi, its my planned day off today as im going out tonight with all my friends, we do it every saturday before xmas every year and have done for years,
i wanted to drink so i planned today as a day off,
i have been SSing for 16 full days with absolutley no food whatso ever,
well i tried eating some chips as they should kick me out of keto pretty fast, but i felt sick eating them, also my jaw hurt when i chewed!!
i really need to eat something else or i cant drink ( i know drinking isnt everything but i just want to, i enjoy having a drink when i go out)
any suggestions of what to do now? i dont really want to eat anything else, and im still drinking black coffee as i dont want to get used to white coffee with sugar again!
im starting to regret the day off already! :(

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i know, and i dont want to get drunk, i dont mind been tipsy but i dont have a cut of point when i know ive had enough, i feel fine then bang im all over the place! i dont want to get like that tonight!


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Try to eat some ice cream. All the sugar will knock you out of ketosis & the cream will line your stomach...
i dont have any but what a good idea! thing is, im still in ketosis after my chips that i ate 3 hours ago! how long does it take?
Am afraid you might have to eat slightly more if you are still in ketosis. Plus if it's 3 hours ago and if it's the only meal you've had today then perhaps your body has already used it up.
Not that I'm an expert but why not try a smoothie you've been used to liquids the fruit has sugars in and the yoghurt will help line you're stomach, PS whats your tipple when you go out? LOL have fun xx Post tomorrow to let us know how you got on
If you're looking at throwing yourself out of Keto tonight for long enough to safely have a few drinks, I'd think you'd be looking at eating 2 or 3 jacket potatoes..... and I'd throw some steak or similar meat for protein in there as well, and some ice-cream or a few biscuits wouldn't hurt either.

Don't forget, once your body has used up what you eat, it'll pretty much go back into Keto by itself as you have no reserves, so you need to eat enough "instant energy" in your one meal to last you (in theory) for around 12-18 (which is how long it could potentially be until your next 'meal', even if that's just a shake). The move from any state of Keto to complete "normal" body mode comes from the return to eating regular foods on a regular basis (i.e. at least once a day), and although you can get "popped" out of Keto by eating something, chances are it won't last long as your body has no reserves of 'normal' energy and quickly has to revert back to burning fat - hence, Keto mode returns.

Realistically, if you wanted to drink tonight you would have been better eating for the last few days and building up your glyco to really get out of Keto completely - being slightly out and drinking alcohol is still going to be quite a rough ride for you. It's not going to take much at all to get your plastered (1 glass of wine will probably do it, 2 at most) and you're probably going to really feel it tomorrow.

Sorry to sound like a downer, just trying to give you best advice I can :eek:
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Just be careful, stick to wine and lemonade or something weak then potatoes as they are good clean carbs. I'm having weds and thursday off and will be drinking shandy although im already on 1000 plan, still very nervous though.
hi thank you all for your advice,
all i ate before i went out was the chips and a bit later on i had some king prawns with a little sauce and cucumber
when i went out i drank pints of larger, and i actually came home quite sober!! i couldnt believe it lol, i was epxecting to be rat ar**d but i was fine, i must have had more than 6 pints as we went in quite a few pubs/clubs and i had a drink in each, so i guess what i ate worked, i have no desire to eat food today so im going to carry on SSing, just glad that i know i can get back on track! :)
***runs of to go see what my ketostix are saying!****
Boo hoo! im not in ketosis :( :( :( :( :( :( :( :( :(
Glad you had a good night and don't feel rough today!
If you had over 6 pints of lager than yeah, it'll probably take you at least a day or 2 to get back into Keto.

Reason is
, the energy from alcohol can't be turned into fat (i.e. stored) so it must be oxidised (used) and converted into energy for immediate use (what I called "instant energy").

While the body uses up all the alcohol energies circulating in the blood, the oxidation (i.e. use of for energy) of fats, carbohydrates and protein becomes greatly suppressed, and in turn, more of these are forced into storage (i.e. converted to fat) than under normal conditions (i.e. not drinking/drunk) and takes a little while to bring oxidisation back up to normal levels - in your case, you need to get past normal levels, which will take longer (thankfully, at least you won't have much in the way of other energies to be turned into fat as you'd only had a few chips and some prawns).

This is how alcohol actually makes you gain weight, albeit in an indirect manner, it's not the calories in the alcohol, it's that the alcohol itself forces the body to turn all it's other energy forms into fat instead of using them :(

thanks for all that information! very interesting!
oh well it only took me 1 day to get back into ketosis when i first started CDSS and that was with me scoffing my face the day before and having an indian takeaway! so hopefuly it wont take me to long again.

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