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Its Nearly Cream Egg season!!!! how do you eat yours??


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Well in our office its Waynes birthday and hes going to greggs for everyone a cream bun and because i cant really syn them i decided to get him to get me a cream Egg so that i know i am staying within my syns (8 1/2 syns each) not bad for a lovely treat :)

Sooooo for a bit of light hearted fun how do you eat yours???
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I gave up chocolate totally when I rejoined SW, but I never did like the cream eggs. I found them really yuck and sickly sweet!

For me a treat would be a glass or two of wine, but I guess one can't do that in the office!!


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Ohhh i wish i could drink in the office altho we did have champagne day before chrismas eve ;-)


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Lol yep me too :) i was thinking tho i might try eat it with a spoon today for a change :)


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I am trying not to eat any at all this year but every shop I go in they taunt me.....but when I do eat them I bite the top off & lick out the middle..mmmm...


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I don't.... can't stand the things. Just the smell of them makes me feel sick - SO sweet... urgh!!! Oh heck, just the very thought of them is making me queasy! lol

I guess I'm quite lucky in that I'm not really a huge fan of chocolate, and as kids my parents never ever bought my sister or I easter eggs, so I (can't say for my sis!) don't miss ever having them.


shrinking granny
I bite the top off and suck out the middle then devour the chocolate :drool:

now if you gave me a choice I'd rather have a walnut whip



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I bite top off and suck middle out completely then suck the remaining chocolate mmmmmm lovely


MMMMMM Creme eggs ... love them! I bought a bag of cadburys minis and I keep them in the fridge so when I fancy some chocolate I can have a couple and I really don't feel guilty!
mini creme eggs = 2.5 syns
mini caramel = 3 syns
mini dairy milk = 3.5 syns

How do I eat mine?......... I pop the mini egg into my mouth n let it melt


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lol i used to dip maccy d's chips in mine! i know im a scab! lol i used to cut it open and get my oh to go get me some chips lol!! thank gos for SW lol


In the town I was brought up in, there was a chip shop that had them on the menu ( Deep fried cadbury's cream egg done in batter) ...they also did the Mars bars too....yummy.Mmmmmmmm