How Long Can you Stand Meal Replacement Shakes?


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I'm doing Dr. Howard's Success Diet, which is the name the UK version of Cambridge diet is marketed under in the USA. (USA Cambridge is different, and decidedly yuckier stuff)

I'm curious how long people are able to stand meal replacement shakes. I'm starting week #4, and I've lost 15 pounds so far, which is good, though I was truthfully hoping for more. After this week, I'll be on add-a-meal for a week, and then it will be back to shakes, since I have more than 100 pounds to lose.

I got an email from Success Diet offering quantity discounts if I order in bulk. I'm thinking of doing it, but to be totally honest, I'm not sure how long I'll be able to stand going without food on a regular basis. It's getting hard, more from a social standpoint, because I can't eat anything with anybody. That, and the shakes after a few weeks start to get boring.

So, how long can people do this? And, if you have 100 pounds to lose, how long does it take?
I'm back for the second time but when I did Cambridge last time I lost 6st.
I only managed to do 4 weeks without proper food. I did that with lighter life. I then found cambridge and did the 810 step. I found this so much easier to do.
I so looked forward to something to get my teeth into in the evening and it allowed me to go out for meals with friends. Just choose your meals wisely.
It took me a year to lose the weight but I took the scenic route!!!!