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Its nearly off and are the magazines right about women?

G: 9st3lb
After a shocking week since falling off the wagon this time last week...then a chain of horrid events, im happy this morning because i had lost 5 of the 6 pounds i had put on! Wooooo.....so hopefully by Wednesday morning...my next weigh in....ill have lost the 6 pounds and more...maybe a little ambitious but ive got 4 full days?

Read something interesting in my magazine- it was commenting on the rhys and sienna partnership and apparently women no longer want good looks....they have a whole other list of things first.....so i thought id put it to the test....everyone write down in order the things they look for/ did look for before finding their OH....lets see if its right!

For me:

1. Intial Cheeky Look(dont care what anyone says there has to be attraction....not wow hes goodlooking but you have to like something)

2. Sense of Humour

3. Kindness

4. Ambition in something they are passionate about

5. Shared interests and things in common....

Anyways if it does catch on you now know more about me hehe xxx
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I have to say there is something quite cute about Rhys! Its that cheeky chappy thing.. and he has been very romantic to Sienna.

Well for me...
1. No baggage (I had no baggage but previous partner was separated with children and didnt want any more kids)... hence it didnt last as I did want children. Seems a bit basic, but that was important to me.
2. Honesty, sincerity, kindness. (Met a few schmucks in my time, including my unfaithful father)
3. Attraction.
4. Sense of humour.
5. Common interests.
G: 9st3lb
Its all about a cheeky smile isnt it! That was my first thing...never really considered baggage before, but i guess everyone has it but to different extents!

I missed honesty...but i think thats because im so cynical i dont think that men are capable of it lol xxxx


I've got the power
I'm not bothered about looks at all! I think a great personality can seriously improve how someone appears to you.

My list of qualities:

1. Believes in equality/NOT a chauvinist/doesn't look down on women
2. Sense of humour that compliments mine
3. Honesty
4. Interesting to talk to
5. Hasn't been with half the female population of the town!!!

And I've been married to him for 2 and a half years now :D
1) Needs to look like he could protect me (not a skinny sparrow)
2) Not drop dead gorgeous, but not smacked with the ugly stick either
3) Spontaneous and decisive (I dont want to have to make all of the decisons)
4) Honest, sincere and faithful
5) Not a walk over (see point 3)
6) Baggage not a problem

And i'm still looking, so any elligible men out there....!!!

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