its not the end of healthy eating, but ive got where i want to be


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Its been a very difficult journey, ive had pleanty of ups and downs.

My other half was sick of me going on about my diet, he knew i had lost abit of weight but hadnt realise how much, the last time i had weighed myself in front of him was in may when i was over 14 stone, he's stayed a constant 12 stone which is still in his normal bmi zone, his eyes popped out of his head when he realised i was 10 stone 10, he doesnt have to worry about putting weight on so couldnt understand why i was focussed.

I know its very hard to keep the weight off. But for the first time i feel ready to face that battle as i now understand what a healthy attitude to diet and excersize can do to your body.

I truly couldnt have done it without minimins, im not going to dissapear as i think i still need minimins and hope to be able to inspire and help others to reach there goal.

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Congratulations on reaching your goal. Feels great doesn't it. You've lost an amazing amount of weight and I'm sure with your motivation and level thinking you'll keep it off. Good luck in the future and enjoy your new found health and fitness xx


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Way to go, must be a great feeling to reach goal.


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Great stuff and now of course the fight to maintain kicks in, that can be harder than the diet. Good luck and I hope you manage maint.


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Thanks, in the last few weeks the weight was abit up and down but seems to have settled back to 150 pounds.

Cant belive your wweightloss, well done mr


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Well done getting to maintenance - im just starting that journey too:)


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Morning, well it was a long road, but not a bad one on Atkins really :)