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***it's Sunday...lets Do It Hour By Hour***


Cambridge Diet Counsellor
Good morning folks

How you all doing to day, I have a chilled one I hope. 2 clients this morning and then a bit of housework, not too much I don't want to overdo things:D.

On my 1st litre and a hot sunshine orange to get me going. Yesterday I managed 5 litres. Did a K stick this morning and it is still in the pink:D

Have a great day each and everyone...will be poping in and out all day.

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Morning Maggie and everyone else

New day and new motivation for me! Got to get into gear and knock this fruit addiction on the head once and for all!

Good Morning guys,

I hope you're all doing ok, I've not been on for ages.

I posted on your fruit thread Jo, you can do it hun:vibes: I have to say that you look a million dollars in your birthday night out photy hun. I bet you felt like a million dollars too darlin.

Well done for coming soooo far. My goal weight is 9st 7lb, I hope I look as good as you when I get there :)

I had a MAJOR blip recently, went on a 3 day binge....details in my diary if you want to look. Back on track today.

Have a great day everyone.

xx sj xx
Morning everyone,
HM,Have a goodchilled day hun xx

Jo, come on babes we can do this last little bit xx

SJ, Great to see you,your really doin fab with your weight loss hunni, and the cake you made Izzy is fantastic, wish you lived closer as i would have you doing my wedding cake!!

Taking my 12 yrold DD to her rugby match in a min so wont be on again till later on,
so have a good morning everyone xx


Gone, but who cares huh
i have been up since 9am, which is unheard of for me on a sunday, i usually leave sunday mornings to the religious, but we ar going to the trafford centre to xmas shop, hubby got his bonus this month so we are buying all the prezzies now, and then its done, so im trying to get as much water down me now as i know i wont drink much going round the stores, and im organised as im taking my own skimmed milk with me as i have found most cafes dont do skimmed milk so i cant have a pick me up coffee half way round wish me luck,


Cambridge Diet Counsellor
Enjoy your xmas shopping Gill....what a good idea about the skimmed milk...I will remember to do that. ;)

Have a good day Jo, try and limit your fruit if you can, a separate fruit bowl is a great idea from SJ. Did you see Izzy's b'day cake? It was absolutly gorgeous...she is so clever.

Hi Tara..hope you enjoy your DD's rugby, hope her team win.

Well I'm just waiting for the WM to stop spinning and then another load to go in..:eek:..Where does it all come from? There are only the 2 of us!:rolleyes:

On my 2nd litre and also have a coke zero on the go too. :tear_drop:

Sun is shining today here in St Osyth...the tide is in, it looks beautiful from my lounge window. I am so lucky to live here with the view. :character00238:

I am going to try and put some more pics in my gallery today...I love looking at the pics of others on here.

WM finished so off to sort that out....back later

hi everyone

I'm feeling grumpy and tired today and I can't seem to snap out of it :(.

It boils down to several reasons and I guess that writing them down might help me put them in perspective. Firstly it's the first anniversary since I lost my mum on tuesday and I'm feeling very low about it. I miss her terribly and can't seem to get over it. I also have a wedding reception to go to in about 3 weeks and I have a pair of trousers I really wanted to wear. I tried them on last night and there is no way they will fit in time. This just reminds me of how much weight I've let myself put back on over the last couple of years and I'm depressed about it.

I'm also tired because I'm not sleeping very well. I'm struggling with my diet at the moment - to the point that I don't want to do it, but i have to because I hate myself being fat. What a vicious circle :sigh:

sorry to whinge and moan on a beautiful sunny day. I think I'll shut up now and go and mow the lawn and do something useful!!!
Blimey, it's even quiet on the daily today....

I haven't posted for ages but usually keep up with you all by having a good read...

Where is everyone? Maybe it's just that everyone has a life and I've been feeling pretty crappy all day (sore throat etc) so have stayed in for most of the day and have been regularly visiting here...!!

Hope you've all had a wonderful weekend.

H xx


Cambridge Diet Counsellor
Evening folks...Mini's is very quite today.

Hope you all have had an ok day.
I've managed 5 litres today and 3 shakes............but, for the 1st time in ages I have felt like the munchies were here. I didn't give in but I have been chewing the trident gum like mad. Thank god for chewy.
Think I will have to have an early night so I can try and forget about it. Probable because TOTM is on it's way.
Started to watch Dirty dancing again....can you believe it's 20 years old!!

Catch you all tomorrow, sleep tight.


Gone, but who cares huh
dirty dancing is 20yrs old nooooooooo, i remember a gang of us going to see it and dirty dancing down streatham high street afterwards lol,

well the trafford centre was disappointing, full to the brim of designer shops, far too expensive for my purse lol, but we got a few bits and peices. and i still had my starbucks coffee but with my own skimmed milk, and a lovley salad in giraffes, with all the naughty bits taken out,

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