its the end of the I know it !!


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OMG, its the end of the world, I only went and left my book at club :eek::eek:
LOL- I'm getting it tommorow HA:8855:
I had my 2 week weigh in and lost 2lb. Ok....
I look at it like this -what did I loose this time last year?
NOTHING -thats what- so 2lb or not 2lb it's gone LOL
Daughter has hidden the scales so I cant keep on weighing myself :cry::cry:
I know, I know I shouldnt do it -cos it does make me mad when i'm one side of 19 and when I get off and think that aint right- I get back on and I'm the other side of 19...
What the....? I'm eating fresh air and putting on weight LOL

Still I'm gonna keep going until someone says something ohh to hear those words ..
''have you lost weight dear?'' :party0049:
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Have you lost weight dear?

Your looking about 2lb's slimmer... xx


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2lbs is great - I'd be thrilled with 2lbs!


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I echo that - well done hun.

For some reason I've switched to italics??? xxx

Aha - found the button x


I echo that - well done hun.

For some reason I've switched to italics??? xxx

Aha - found the button x

LMAO - Why did i find that so funny...?

But my love i hate the title of your thread cause whenever i read it it makes me sing that song that i can't really remember by a band i don't know... xx


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Well done on a 2 lb loss :D

B - I'll put you out of your misery.. it was R.E.M that sang it ;)


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well done mate thats what i lost too

Mrs V

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2lbs in week 2 after a huge weight loss in the first week is fantastic Hun, well done!!!!!
The slimmer you is inside waiting for someone to ask you if you've lost weight, but sit back and think.....9lbs in 2 weeks!!! Thats fab!