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ITS THURSDAY***** Lets do it,HOUR byHOUR

Good Morning one & all,

WOW i have not started a daily in goodness knows how long!!

I have nowt planned for today, apart from the fact that i should do spme housework, but hay mini's & FB might just win over the housework!:D

Hope you all have a good day today, & good luck to all of you with weigh-ins today,look forward to hearing your results

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Cambridge Diet Counsellor
Morning Tara
I got a bit side tracked this morning trying to sort out anout 40 Facebook requests. I think 30 were from the same person ffs.

I have tested and the K fairy is well and truly here and I feeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeel Good!

2 GT's down and 1st litre water on the go..

Couple of clients this morning then visiting Colin the Afternoon. He may be coming home soon yay!!!

Have good day everyone and good luck if there are any weigh ins today.

Morning - feeling more cheerful today :)

Great news about your friend Colin Maggie, I hope he's out of hospital soon and :party0011: @ ketosis :D

Hope you all have a good day and good luck with any weigh ins :D


MUST get a grip
Morning peeps....
Still here - bloody headache, went to bed with it and woke up with it :mad:.... Just sipping first half pack and swallowing painkillers - dont like to suffer and all that!
Well done all yesterdays losers, totally jealous of you all!!!!!!!!!!:jelous::jelous::jelous:...
Good luck with todays WI's
Morning all well i'm having a very bad morning, i'm £250 down in my wages coz my work's lease car company have screwed up and charged me 2 months for my car plus had to deduct my regular car user allowance so i'm very annoyed esp as it's my bday next week and now we can't afford to do anything special :( So i'm feeling like a big grump now and just want to curl up in a ball and cry. Sorry to dampen the spirits but i'm very upset.

But on the plus side i've had almost 2 litres of water so far and ooooo i actually managed to go to the gym last night, my back's very sore today but i'm pleased with myself :)

Good luck with weigh ins today people i'll be on and off all day, having my hair trimmed at 1pm and then window shopping with a friend this evening and that's about it



Silver Member
morning all
NINA! i was feeling just like you last night - my salary varies so much each month its unreal - can be £1000 difference - i expected a good one to be in the bank but when i got my wage slip yesterday was shocked to see that it was tiny due to teh tax man taking a whopping sum! was seriouslky depressed last night and crying all over the place so i know how you feel...

anyway! i was depressed cause it means no clothes shopping spree befor my vegas holiday in april - however this mornig i have gone through all my cupboards and wardrobes and found i have 9 dresses, 4 skirts, three sexy bras, five bikinis, ten tops - all suitable to take to vegas IF i get down a dress size by then -

soooooooo theres MY motivation!

am down one liter of water, one huge GT ( i always feel like thst says g&t! ) and very positive today

wishing you all a good one
WOW i wish i could earn enough to be £1000 down lol i shouldnt complain really coz ive been off sick for the last 7 weeks so effectively i've been paid for doing nothing.

you WILL get down a dress size by Vegas...POSITIVE MENTAL ATTITUDE MISSUS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
morning guys, cheerful day aswell for me didnt think about food at all yesterday. went late night shopping last night then visited a friend and that kept me busy musnt have got home till 12 after i got stopped by the guards they even breathalysed me waste of time. but all in all i had a good day yesterday. heres to another one :)

best of luck to all the loosers today :) :)

xx becky xx
Hiya Becky, lovely to hear you so cheerful :)

Wow how exciting to be stopped and breathalysed.....what was it like?????
Aww wow how exciting :)

Well i dont think getting up early works for me....i'm about to start my 3rd litre of water and i feel like ive not had anything to drink yet
I hope we are all having a better day must thank everyone for the vibes yesterday hope they worked for us all.


lost 1.2lb over nite so have been celebrating got big cheesey grin on my face going to dentist to finish my root canal and still smiling :D

good vodoo :vibes: for everyone xxxx


Cambridge Diet Counsellor
Well done everyone, you are all doing well.

Glad the vibes worked Mandy and Slushy you will do it!!!

2 litres down 4 GT's and a coke zero..off to make my first shake of the day..If I dont lose pounds this week I bloody well want to know why, I have been soooooooooo good!

Have a good afternoon

Well done Mandy,I can't wait to overweight-long way still to go,but I'll get there

Hope everyone having a good day.I had terrible stomach ache earlier,but thankfully couple of litres and a coke zero has sorted me out!!


MUST get a grip
Well done Mandy,I can't wait to overweight-long way still to go,but I'll get there

Hope everyone having a good day.I had terrible stomach ache earlier,but thankfully couple of litres and a coke zero has sorted me out!!

Hi Hun
Glad you've shifted stomach ache.... Nothing to report at all so I'm going to do some work - well make out I am working xxxx

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