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Iv cheated and i dont feel that bad about it!


I will do this!!!


is loving the soup?!
Aww hon, how you feeling now?


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That's the right attitude Pizzle!
It's done, over, and you draw a line under it and move on.
2 spoons of rice is hardly a "binge", so it won't have done a lot of harm.
Did it taste/feel as good as you expected?
Was it worth it? If so, no harm done. If not, you'll learn from it and won't want to do it again!
Keep strong and take care, xxxx
hi hun dont worry its not like you ate loads keep going its just a blip sometimes i think its the need to just have something other than a shake in your mouth i sooo know why you did it...jenny
oh well, done and dusted, just move on...lol
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and so it goes. :D All over. movin on! ;)


I will do this!!!
Im feeling alot better now but iv still got a really sore throat (im getting bored of being ill now!!!) I didnt want to eat the rice i think i did it more just to chew on something and it didnt taste that great just plain rice! like i said i did it for the chew not the taste. Thanks for the support


is loving the soup?!
Hope you're on top of the world again soon hon. xxx
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Pizzle -have you got checked for infection? You seem to have that cold a good while now. I'm not sure how long bad colds can last. I'm hardly an expert but maybe the docs can give you something to help?

(I've got myself all muddled now -was it you who was disappointed with WI and thought it was anti-biotics or someone else? Think i'm spending 2 much time on minimins -all the posts are blurring together!! lol)
Hi Pizzle, I'm with Black Rose in thinking your throat has been bad for a while now so maybe think about the docs.

How you managing with the shakes now cos I know you were struggling with them when your illness was at its worse. You might just have needed a little energy boost.

Hope you will be properly better soon x


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LIke you say over and done with now and agree with the others you may need to get checked over fighting infection takes up extra energy x


I will do this!!!
Iv had a sickness thing (being sick and running to the toilet - alot) from tuesday 23rd to saturday then saturday to now iv got the worst sore throat which i stopping me from drinking (coughed up blood a minute ago too) i get weight at the docs tomorrow so im going to ask to be looked at coz im in real pain!!! booo hoooo :(

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