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Ive added pictures!


I will be skinny again!!!


I will be skinny again!!!
You will be able to see them after you get over 50 posts :D
You're gorgeous hunny. I soooooooo envy you your lovely flat stomach!!!!! I've never had one!!!!! The pain of being a typical apple shape!!!



I will be skinny again!!!
haha trust me it looks flat from that angle but it isnt!!
Most of my weight has gone onto my arms, legs and hips.. im very curvy at the bottom of my stomach but when im slimmer i love that!

Apple shapes are beautiful :D i would hate be straight up and down


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Im sure you look great! from your avatar picture you look skinny!!!
But, anyways when i get to 50 posts ill be able to seeeeee lol

Good luck hun xxx


I will be skinny again!!!
Thats the angle of the camera and the angle of my head ( im the blonde ) lol. The angle you position youself is great on eliminating double chins haha!!


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haha i agree!! im constantly trying to hide mine!

But hey!!! I've finally posted enough to put some of my own piccies on!!!

:banana dancer: :banana dancer: :banana dancer: :banana dancer: :banana dancer:
Lots of mine is in my legs, my sister hates it cos though I am about 2 stone heavier than her (or was when I started LT :D) I am in either the same size or smaller than her. Have always had big legs since I was a kid, think it came from all the football and cycling I did!


nearly there!! :)
god u have a fab stomach...not jealous in any way lol!! xxx


I will be skinny again!!!
haha i really dont!!

Mines my legs and arms and stomach is big too!!

Hopefully it will all be gone soon though :)
spot on pics like
I'm gonna get posting so I can see the piccys! I bet they're ace.
You've been on it for a while so will you tell me how you have coped with your social life. I have been putting off tea invites for ages now and am at risk of losing friends.


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Tell them that you are on lipotrim and they will understand, they are your friends :)


My husband = My hero
I cant wait to see everyones piccie an put my own up! find it really inspirational and kicks my bum to stick to this miserable diet!!
Beautiful girl. *passes out with jealousy* lol

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