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I've been to the hospital today...


Slow but sure....
To see my Rheumotologist.....I was hoping that she would reduce the steroids that I take....(their side effect are weight gain & water retention)

But, NO I am still to stay on the same dosage, at least until I see her again, 'Rats'!!!!

I had a scan and x rays, and gave 8 tubes of blood (a bloomin' armful) and I had to to do 3 'pee' samples too...

But, I was good and bought cottage cheese and fresh fruit salad at the hospital cafeteria for my lunch, so I am staying on plan today.

Good luck to all who are WI'ing in today.

Love to all. X
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Argh, I feel for you Donnie, I hate being poked and prodded at the docs and as for needles.....

Shame about the steroids but they are there for a reason so keep on taking them, you are doing fine with your weight loss and well done for sticking to plan!


I can do this............
What a shame you couldnt have the meds reduced but as jaylou said you must need them, Im sure that even taking the steriods you will still continue to lose steadily. You have done so well so far so keep at it! good luck for next time!!
Oh, you poor thing! I can't believe that even when faced with this dissapointment you still stayed on plan. That is inspirational! (I know in similar circumstances I would have used it as an excuse to eat a big cake and feel really sorry for myself)



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I hate needles! (I could beat Linford Christie down the carpark if I see one coming!:eek:) You're brave to have all those samples taken. I hate it when they clip the bottles on, it hurts! Brave girl! And how did you find a hospital that does cottage cheese and fruit salad? Ours has disgusting pasta bakes and salads thatare 2 lettuce leaves and a tomato! Well done for sticking to the plan! And fingers x-d that your steroids are reduced next time.


Slow but sure....
Thank you ladies, your comments are much appreciated....


Our huge hospital in Norwich (The Norwich & Norfolk) is like a city within a city, and their cafeteria is gorgeous, they have some lovely choice's of coffee too, and their salad bar is superb but most have a dressing on so I kept away from them and just had the cottage cheese.

Thank's again everyone. X

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