i've cheated and fill so down now.


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I cant believe it i've done so well up to now and i just couldnt help my self this afternoon. I ate a few slices of cornbeef. Now i fill like a failure as soon as i finished eating i regretted it instantly. I dont really know what to do now. Should i not have my remaining packs. I have 2 left today.
The thing is i dont even know why i ate it i just craved it. I've made family there lunch and dinner since i started and never been tempted. I really dont know what came across me to be honest.
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It's habit, hun - I used to do it all the time - stuff things into my mouth before I realised I'd done it.

Have your two remaining packs and carry on as normal. It's really important you still get your vitamins and minerals for today.

It takes a while for old habits to be broken and new ways of looking at food to take hold of you. Forget it - it's done - move on, sweetie!


Hiya Laurie

Forget about it and move on. Have the rest of your packs and try to just move on from it. Corned beef is a protein food so it shouldn't knock you out of ketosis.

Please don't beat urself up about this and try your very best to just keep going.


Gen xx


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Hi Laura, tomorrow is a new day hun....just forget about it and move on....at least you know how you feel now, so if you are tempted in the future you'll be able to remember that feeling...its not the end of the world...you've done so well so far, and at least you didnt decide to pig out just because you had a tiny slip up


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Hi Laura, hun u r not a failure at all, it is so easy to put food in your mouth and not even realise that u have done it as its something we r used to doing b4 we started dieting.

You would not of knocked yourself out of ketosis so just carry on with your packs otherwise u wont get the nutrients you need for the day.

Well done 2 u 4 cooking food for your family from the start that shows how strong willed you are,so pls pls dont be hard on yourself it was a minor blip and u have done no harm.
So just carry on and remeber it takes 21 days to form a habbit and picking on food is s habbit we have all had for many years so soon Cd will be a habit for you.

Take care xxx


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Hiya hun - ur NOT a failure - no way !!!

you're human ;) we all mess up sometimes....put it behind ya - have the remaining packs and start with a clean sheet tomorrow :)



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Oh I've had plenty of slip ups whilst making sandwiches, the sliced meat is such temptation!!!! At the end of the day I dropped a food pack but I think I ate at least 100 odd calories. As some1 mentioned previously it's protein which is what your packs are made up of.
Just draw a line under it & start again!
Just to also add I expect that previously I would have been a lot more than just corned beef you ate!!!! So pat on the back xxx
Hey Laurie,

You've done so well and been so encouraging to other minimins!

Just pick urself up, dust yourself off and continue the way things were... You can't UNeat something. Just learn from the experience and don't be too hard on yourself.

Definitely agree about finishing the other packs for the day... vitamins and all that!

Tomorrow brings another day! Look at the bigger picture and think of the journey you have had so far! ;)


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Back on track now. Have your final two packs this is really important.

The majority of dieters have blips and that is all it is, maybe you went a little too long between packs and the temptation was just too bit.

You haven't failed at all.



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i cheated for 3 days solid i dunno even why i ate coz i didnt enjoy it

as someone said before its a habit

but youve gotta pick yourself up and get yourself back on track
and forget the guilt of eating

its only a minor blimp



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Dont panic, it wasnt major.

We've been eating since we were weaned... eating is normal. Ok you are dieting, but remember that a small blip doesnt really matter.

What matters is that you dust it off and hop back on the wagon.

Panic ye not.