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I've decided! I DO care!!!

I got this in my email inbox today (part of a email newsletter I get). It really made me stop and think because it really resonated.

I thought i'd share


"So often I hear people who struggle with their weight say, I saw the piece of cake and a voice inside me said, "I don't care, I'll just eat it." Or [they'll tell me,] I sat there with the whole box of Samoa Girl Scout Cookies and heard myself say, " I don't care, I'll eat the whole box. After all Girl Scout Cookie season only comes around once a year." Or getting ready for the gym and that same voice will say, "I don't care if I never wear a bathing suit again, I'll just sit here and watch Oprah."

I'm here to tell you not to believe that voice. The truth is that you do care. You care very much. That's why you've tried diet after diet and that's why you are still trying to lose weight.

Human beings feign disinterest when something feels too hard. If you have a child you've probably heard them say, "I don't care if I never ride a bike." "I don't care if those kids invite me to their party." They care very much, but they're afraid of failing, and so are you.

It's not that you don't care, it's that you feel defeated or afraid to set yourself up to fail. And why shouldn't you? Diets set you up to fail because they don't offer you the information you need to lose the weight you want. You don't need an eating plan. You don't need someone to tell you that a box full of caramel coated cookies isn't good for you. You already know all that.

What you need is to find your hope again by seeing real change. The kind of change you're looking for in your body begins in your mind. It begins with a conviction to care. Care for your health. Care for your self-esteem. Care for your future. When you care, you can stay true to yourself in the moment and make better choices.
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Thanks for this Gg
I'm on another restart today after thinking along those lines the past few days

The truth can hurt, but it's the truth we shouldn't hide from


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GG you are fab for putting that up!!

WE DO CARE!! and i esp need to stop listening to the little voice!! :) thanks


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Gg you always find the most inspirational stuff - its great to have you back motivating me again ;-). Thank you
Glad I can help guys :)

Now I just have to get my butt off the sofa (and t'internet) and out onto my bike.... after Neighbours though ;-)


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ooohhhhh i cant wait to catch up (im a month behind) on my lovely aussie soaps, but i just have not had the time!

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