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I've found a Propoints calculator for iphone!!

If you have iwatcher, go to calculator then custom, go to configure and modify each field as follows;

Field 1 - rename Protein, then set to divide by 10.99

Field 2 - rename Carbs, then set to divide by 9.17

Field 3 - rename Fat, then set to divide by 3.89

Field 4 - rename Fibre, then set to divide by 34.48

Make sure half point rounding is on

The calculator is set to add each field together, so leave those lines as is.

Press done. This should now provide the propoint value of foods when the info is keyed into your calculator.

You can check it is correct by using the calculator on esource. I've found it to be spot on but the iwatcher calculator will give points as whole or half numbers so remember if the points are 3.5, round it up to 4 as the new plan doesn't do half points.
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I just prefer working with my phone when I'm going round the supermarkets. Just looks like I'm texting lol
Know what you mean and agree it does look better when going round supermarket than with calc. :D

Still going to get a WW calc though, as handy to have and the phone one can be a back up.

Again, great tip. Do you think this should be a sticky?? sure lots of people use Iwatchr and its so easy to configure for new Pro points. xx
I love this app!!! 59p is such a bargain!
My handbag du jour is quite small so trying to fit an official calculator in would be quite a squeeze!
I think I'm a bit too obsessed with my iPhone though!!!
It has been great, need to sort hubbys out too. I too am obsessed with my iPhone, don't know what I did before I got it! And love too that I have minimims on it esp at the mo with all the changes with ww. It's been fab!
If only the official ww site didn't use blasted flash!
I signed up for the 2 week trial and haven't been on it since as I can hardly ever be bothered to turn the laptop on anymore!
The flash issue is a pain in the bum sometimes. Dh signed up for it too but only goes on his lap top in the evenings so between the iwatchr app and esource we don't really need to sign up for on line too!


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Divide is / mate!
B :)
For android users, there's a WW app you can download with a PP calculator but you need to be a monthly pass/esource member, as it will require your log in. :) I'm going to download it on Friday once I've activated my monthly pass.
Until then I've been using a US Pro Points calc I downloaded, which is coming up with the same values as my wheel
iphone app iWatchr

Re: I've found a Propoints calculator for iphone!!

THANK YOU! You are DA BOMB! That app works great. I couldn't wait for our official roll-out. I assume the calculations will be the same with the US PointsPlus as it is with Europes ProPoints. We'll see. In the mean time....
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