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I've Got a New Username


Silver Member
Are the other posts with your old user name still on here? If they are you may want to edit these posts if your 'friend' googles your user name again... or pops back on here to read the latest and figures out you've changed usernames.

Andy R.

Time for a change
hey u look familiar razzledazzle lol. Hope u manage to shake that pesky cyber stalker. ive had similar trouble before. its horrible knowing someone might be watching everything u do. thats why i used a different username on here cos i find being a member of this forum very personal to me, and like to be able to share my thoughts with like minded people. So good luck on the new ID, i'm sure you'll rack up them post in no time. btw i didnt even know i got look at ppls profiles. now i feel like a stalker lol.


Mad old Bat with Attitude
There are some sick people about! I'm glad you're back and you feel comfortable.


Silver Member
She's away at the moment so I figured I'd do it now, give it a couple of days to be read and then I'll edit my first post (with my old username mentioned) .... I've already edited my previous post in my original username talking about this topic. Jx
Good thinking batman! I hate when people go all weird... I mean if she was a true friend there would be no need for her to do that as you'd be telling her most things anyway!

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