I've got to ask....


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Not me unfortunately - I have my post xmas WI tomorrow and it aint gonna be pretty


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LOL.....How I wish CG!!! I haven't weighed me yet, but I know I have put weight on, I shall see how much on Friday morning, my official WI.....


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I am almost certain that I have put on.
I'll find out tomorrow at WI!


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i will let you know officially tonight but i am hopeing ive stayed the same or at least minimised the gain have been angel like since boxingday cos i dont want my beautiful five stone shiney peeled of my book


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I just went to weigh in and put on 1/2 lb which isn't to bad but the amount i've eaten not sure how. May catch up with me next week


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I won't know until next Wednesday (6th Jan) !!


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I have just been to weigh in and lost 1lb, am really pleased as I did go off plan for Xmas and boxing day but then got right back on it...if I think how much I ate last year(gulp) I was probably not as bad as I thought. Good luck everyone with your weigh ins. gxxx

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Will let you know later - mine's at 5pm! I'd be pleased with a 3 lb gain given all the champagne we've drunk in celebration of our engagement plus the normal Christmas/Boxing Day goodies!!xx


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I lost 1lb last week (23/12), but had gained 1lb the week before :p

I've been pretty good, but if I've wanted something naughty, I've had it, just not in the quantities I would have before SW :D

If I don't lose tomorrow, then I won't be too gutted....just have to try harder next week!

Good luck everyone, have a fab week x


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Wow, well done Tigger and Nikkiwales, that's fab!
I'm going tonight and I really think I've put about 5lb or more on, it's been a couple of weeks of full on indulgence.

I know I deserve it and I enjoyed it but now I've got to work really really hard to lose it and I'm out tonight and NYE too.


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I'm just about to go weigh in on my usual Boots scales, I'm so not looking forward to this! Last year I pigged out and lost 1lb but that's so not happening this year, I worked Xmas day and the garage I work at said we could have anything to eat we wanted for free so I think I went a little crazy :(


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Congrats to Tigger on managing to lose!

I doubt very much if I have lost - had a gain prior to xmas, but at least am now back on track and determined. My next WI isn't until Saturday so hopefully I'll be able to minimise the damage!


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I went this morning and lost 1/2 lb so I was delighted!! I ate a little more than usual but stayed on plan as much as I could without making myself totally miserable, lol :)


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I sts which I was well happy with. Did treat myself to large portion of Xmas pud and brandy sauce and lots of quality street over the week but stayed on plan with all of meals which is how I think I managed it


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Yes me - I have chopped my left leg off!

Seriously though, those of you who've lost, maintained or only had a teeny gain deserve a medal!!!


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I salute anyone and everyone who has lost, stayed the same or gained anything less than 3lb!!!!! Its been so tough, dont know how you managed it but you are proper amazing troopers!

Devon Dolce

1lb at a time!
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2lb on for me and absolutely delighted with that!!! xxx