I've just eaten a huge bowl of....


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Jelly and Ice cream. Not only was it really yummy, but the bowl was so full to the brill I couldn't believe I was allowed to eat it all in on sitting.

The jelly was he usual mix-a-mousse, water, summer berry powder and yellow food colouring.

The ice cream was a frozen banana tetra.

I left the tetra in the freezer for about 2.5 hours and it lovely and soft. Some of it hadn;t frosen at all so it was like a banana flavoured cream poured over the jelly.

I'm now stuffed (and slightly cold LOL).

I will definatly have to make this again next weekend as my weekend treat - might use a chocolate tetra next time.

3rd weight-in tomorrow and I'm looking forward to it
sounds good! I will try jelly making later, good luck with your weigh in x